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Hi! Welcome to our travel blog - Crave to Explore

We are travel craving sputniks belong to the Heart of India(Madhya Pradesh).

Crave to explore is a travel blog started by travel buddies Paresh and Anisha. As the name suggests, it is a platform to share explorations/ cravings we get for various interesting things in life. Although we are more into traveling and hiking, we have a keen to desire to check out various amazing things in life.

Started exploring travel since 2014 and it made us realize travel magnifies all human emotions be it love, happiness, sadness, excitement, fear and strength and the list goes on. So here we are to share our all experiences about love/life, taste-buds and beauty of nature by travelling to different places all over the world.

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Most importantly, We would love to share your stories and experiences - be it travel, love/life issues and exotic food joints.

How to get in touch ?

If you need any information about places in India or any tips for your coming vacation, which is mentioned or not mentioned on our travel blog and would like to share your life experiences about travel, life agendas , love and anything you think people should know but do not have time to create a blog or platform, feel free to reach us at Facebook and Instagram.

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