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About Anisha

Hey! I am Anisha Jain. I am 26 and hail from a small town of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Travelling keeps me alive in a way no other thing can. I cannot live the routine so I along with a Software Engineering professional,I am a wanderer and writer. I love exploring myself and people around me. When I do not find anything new, I feel dead. I always need something to explore. I want to explore each and every bit of my life and travelling helps me do that.

I am not a core adventure lover rather I prefer peaceful travelling wherein I can observe the nature, people, culture and write about them. In my trip, I try to capture the memories that makes particular place different from others with its culture and people. Travelling offers me an inspiration to write. Having said that, I get inspired not only by the place but by the people I meet during my trip.

My nomad experiences taught me the value of life. We get to live once and we must dedicate our life to fulfill our dreams rather than chasing money.

I fill my pocket for travelling through my passion for writing. I am a freelance writer and blogger apart from a wanderer. You check more about my work in my Portfolio. Trust me it gives an immense pleasure to be of help to somebody by just writing down your life experiences.

This blog is my first step to convert dreams into reality. 

All I wanna do is to write, write, write and explore the world.

About Paresh

15224586_1272608539458777_619561080_oHi! My name is Paresh Maru.

It has been a while since I started trekking down the highest peaks along with my travel trips.

Travelling and Trekking are my love, passion and lust and I wish It was my profession but then “Life Happened”.So I am a Software Engineer by profession and dream to make Passion as a profession.

I love meeting new people and approaching them with an open and upbeat attitude.

First Experience:

When I first went to trek, the only thing in my mind was to reach the peak point anyhow and yeaaaah.. I did it!!. It will sound strange but I had no fear at all I climbed up quickly like a crazy monkey though I do not possess strong physique, my weight is just 65kg.

It was the first time when I realized that I have never had such an intense feeling about anything but trekking. Since then I have a dream to reach the highest peak in the world travelling and trekking all the peaks coming on my way.

I am not a good writer obviously but all I would like to say is keep exploring your dream, your passion because that's what defines you and your actions.

Afterall Its your life, live under your terms!!

How we found each other?

Lets keep it a mystery untill I am able to gain enough curiousity from you guys to write about it. 😉

Keep Exploring... 🙂

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5 thoughts on “About Crave to Explore – Anisha and Paresh

  1. Gud one anisha..u really inspire me to chase dreams, m happy u r doing wat u live doing. Also gud luck keep up the gud work dear.

    1. Thanks a lot Shubhi. It is truly a pleasure to hear such words from a girl like me 🙂
      Keep reading, and if you need any help for travelling anywhere in India, feel free to reach out to me.

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