Best Travel Tattoo Ideas

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The best ideas to get yourself inked if you are a travel enthusiast.

When you’ve a passion for travel, it soon becomes an addiction. An addiction to wander freely to seek new places, souls, culture, and collect a souvenir from all over the world.

What could be more alluring souvenir than getting inked to keep permanent memories of your wonderful journeys?

Getting a tattoo comes with its own risks. Either you adore your tattoo lifetime or you want to get rid of it.

Here are some of the best ideas to get yourself inked if you are a travel enthusiast.

A cute travelling luggage that will always make shouts of joy “Pack your bags and let’s go travel!” You would definitely look like a person who always has the bag ready to go anytime, anywhere in the world. If you belong to this type of travel enthusiasts, go find your tattoo guy.

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Wonderful targeted globe that expresses your desire to target the whole world with your love for travel. You can really highlight the places you love in this globe using different colors. Put a red dot on Rome or Rio. And keeping adding on with time. And let your life connect the dots.

World in your palms that reveals whenever you explore a beautiful place, you take it with you wherever you go. It definitely gives an impression of an ambitious person whose sole ambition is to take the world in his hands. “Alexander the great.” Go on mate, the world’s going to yield to you.

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Wanderlust, a strong desire that provokes your wild wandering soul to walk forever. Feet or legs anywhere, the idea is to wander, and you are lusty about it and you can do it no matter what. That’s what lust is all about.


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Travel Pulses implies that your urge to travel flows through your veins. Its in your blood, your heart pumps blood that says ‘Travel! my love, let’s go travel’.

Surfing Ankle, a tiny and cute ankle tattoo for surfing lovers. The waves, the sea, the horizon and you stand high on your surfboard against the power of sea. isn’t it adrenalin?


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Go Travel

Go! Don’t think much, make a plan, pack your bags just Go! And keep going. And I assure you, you can still keep going all your life and never get tired. Such an amazing place this world is.

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Flying birds

What’s a better thought than to fly, who doesn’t wish they had wings and can fly around the world among the birds and can eat whoever they want to. Even birds have a swag. Well, “Flying Birds” is something that represents migration and never settling. If you are that kind of soul, go get birds on yourself.

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Now that you know about these wonderful tattoo ideas to get yourself inked with your passion for travel. Go ahead, find a tattoo shop near by and get yourself inked. And then,

Flaunt!! and go for an amazing trip.

Let's see where our destiny takes us next. Moreover, I always believe:

           "Once a year, go someplace you have never been before."

Do you still have any questions? Need any help to plan? Loved the article?

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Till then...

Keep Exploring 🙂



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