Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh – Sangla | Chitkul | Kalpa

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Delhi to Sangla Valley and Chitkul - Tragic but totally worth it!

Our trip to Kinnaur Valley started with the tragedies of metro train breakdown in Delhi. Moving ahead, our bus (Delhi to Shimla) broke down just before 80kms before Shimla. After waiting for two hours, we finally got a lift from a person traveling from Chandigarh to Shimla. We were already running quite late.

Taking a shortstop in between to get fresh, finally, we reached Shimla after 4 hours at 1 pm.Not delaying any further we quickly had lunch in Shimla, called the taxi we booked online and left from Shimla at 2:30 pm.

After a beautiful yet tiring road trip, we reached Jeori at around 7 pm. I was not left with any energy to travel any further. We stopped at various points to enjoy the scenic beauty of huge valleys and river Sutlej.

But the whole journey was through the valleys and all round and round, motion sickness took over me. I became so frustrated that I thought of returning back to home for a while but then my desire to explore took over my frustration.

We took a hotel at Jeori. It was well maintained and a good hotel with an amazing view of mountains. There were only 2-3 hotels in Jeori. Though the hotel was a bit costly then after convincing a lot he agreed with a fair price of INR. 1200 for a night for one room.

We visited a beautiful temple near our hotel.

Temple at Jeori
On the way to Sangla Valley


There was also a hot water spring just in front of the temple. We visited the temple and then sat near the hot water spring putting our legs in the hot water. It was such a bliss. After half an hour, we came out. Surprisingly, there was no one on the road and even lights also became dim, so we preferred to be on safer side and returned back to the hotel. After a deep sleep of 8 hours, we left from Jeori at around 7 am in the morning.

In around an hour, we reached a village where we had breakfast of Aloo Paranthas and butter at a small Dhaba. A Nepali family of 2 sisters and their parents ran the Dhaba. I was amazed by the beauty and cuteness of the Nepali girl who served the breakfast. I had a small talk with her and then I asked her if she would like a picture with me.

She agreed with a cute smile and tiny eyes, which reminded me of Paresh Ha-ha… He looks exactly same even though he is not Nepali. The girl was really sweet. She wished us happy journey for the trip ahead when we left.

The journey from Jeori to Sangla took around 4 hours including a break of half an hour for breakfast.

Trip Itinerary - Sangla Valley, Chitkul, Kalpa - Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

Day 1 - Sangla Valley, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

Read more about my trip from Shimla to Sangla Valley – places to visit and stay in Sangla Valley.

Day 2 - Chitkul and Rakcham, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

Read more about the trip from Sangla Valley to Chitkul here. I have created a complete detailed blog post for you based on my experience at Chitkul; Be it the beautiful stay in the tents of this village located near Indo-Tibetan border, unexplored café near river Satluj, forming through glaciers and various beautiful monasteries (Buddhist Temple).

Day 3 and 4 - Reckong Peo and Kalpa, Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh

Reckong Peo located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh and Kalpa – the village where the major part of Bollywood movie “Highway” – starring Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda was shooted and you get a beautiful glimpse of Kinnaur Kailash view from Kalpa. Read more about the complete journey and must visit places in Kalpa(Coming Soon).

I always believe:

           "Once a year, go someplace you have never been before"

Do you still have any questions? Need any help to plan? Loved the article?

Please comment below or you can contact me here.

Till then...

Keep Exploring 🙂

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Road Trip to Leh – An ultimate travel guide

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List of items to carry if you are going through bike

Everyone has a dream to visit Leh-Ladakh at least once. The sheer scenic beauty of Leh is no less than a paradise away from all the chaos of the world.

Doors from Manali to Leh open only for few months and when they do, a road trip is all that comes to mind of any traveler and biker.

Here we have created an ultimate guide of the items that you need to carry if you are planning for Leh Ladakh road trip through bike

What could be more enthusiastic than carrying the Indian flag to the beautiful destination?

Starting with the flag, here goes the following list:

Now that you know all about the backpacking tips for Ladakh. Go ahead and plan your trip.

Let's see where our destiny takes us next. Moreover, I always believe:

           "Once a year, go someplace you have never been before"

Do you still have any questions? Need any help to plan? Loved the article?

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Till then...

Keep Exploring 🙂

Amritsar in two days | Trip Itinerary and Backpacking tips

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How to plan a two days trip to Amritsar?

I totally fell in love with the city in 2 days of my trip to Amritsar. It is a holy city for the Sikhs. I love tradition of Sikhs to serve god by serving poor needy people instead of just worshiping the God.

The tasty Punjabi food, people all around you in Indian wears either suit and those handsome but cute Punjabis in Pagdi(turban) everything is fabulous. The city reminds how our ancestors fought for freedom of India and helped us being independent.

Important things to carry during summer:

For Girls/Women:

Some ethnic Indian wear such as Punjabi suit or Salwar/kamiz as most of the time you will be visiting temples.
Comfortable yet elegant pair of footwear.

For Men:

Light colored comfortable shirts/t-shirts.
Common for all: Goggle, cap, and a selfie stick.

Places to visit

Two days are enough to cover everything in Amritsar. Prefer staying in hotels near railway station. You can find many hotels (average/good/excellent) near by.

  • Day 1: Wagah border, DurgianaTemple(prefer during night), If time permits then some market place near by railway station.
  • Day2: ModeltownMandir, Jallian Wala Bagh, Market near golden temple (just explore for 1 hour, it is extremely expensive), go for Markets such as katra jaimal Singh market, Hall Bazaar and Lohri Gate which are within 1 km from Golden temple.

Things to buy in Amritsar

  • Phulkari: Phulkari basically means “Flower work”. A famous Punjabi duppata which is carved by humans.
  • Juti: Punjabi shoes which are cheap, durable and stylish.
  • Jackets: Winter jackets (specially leather) are manufactured in Ludhiana, Punjab and hence they are available at discount in Amritsar too.
  • Kurti and Patiala: Indias all time favourite tradition is patiyala and kurti, which makes you gorgeous, stunning and shows your true Indian self. Amritsar is the place where you can find beautiful kurtis and patiyalas.

Food to eat in Amritsar

Aloo parantha, Lassi, Makke di roti with sarson da saag and if you prefer non-vegetarian food, then Chicken of Punjab is famous. Always prefer eating at cultured dhabhas of Amritsar. Some of the famous ones are Kesar da Dhabha near railway station, Bade bhai ka Brothers Dhabha and Brothers Dhaba. It is very well said,

“You have to taste a culture to understand it.”

Want to add up any more information? Willing to provide any feedback for us?

Please provide your valuable comments below or contact us here.

What are you waiting for?

GO! pack your bags and the golden city is waiting for you.

Till then, Keep Exploring  🙂

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Trip Itinerary for 3 days: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

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If you have no time to go through our interesting experience right now and just curious to plan your trip in short time. Here you go..

We planned a trip for 3 days.

There are mainly three preferred ways to reach Shimla:

  1. By Bus: you can take an overnight air-conditioned luxury bus from ISBT Kashmiri Gate. Buses go in the morning or later at night - timings can vary from season to season. Buses can be booked online too.
  2. By Train: There are around 5-6  trains from Delhi to Kalka.We took the Kalka Shatabdi, which goes from Dilli Rohilla station to Kalka Railway Station via Chandigarh. From Kalka you can take either the famous toy train of Shimla or you can take a taxi from Kalka to Shimla. If you want to enjoy the view of valleys, I would suggest you make reservations in toy train at least before 1 month.It is famous by the name “Himalayan Queen”. Although it takes 7 hours to complete 96 kilometers of distance, the experience is amazing. You can also take pictures of beautiful valleys.
  3. By Car: It takes around 7 hours to reach Shimla by car. From Delhi,  you will have to take the outer Ring Road towards GT Karnal Road, then turn right on NH 1. Once you reach Ambala, move to NH 22 towards Kalka. Keep moving on the same highway towards Solan and then to Shimla.

Day 1:

We started early morning from Delhi, reached Kalka at 11:50 am, from there we took a shared cab for Shimla. In Evening, we visited: Ridge Road, Christ Church and had famous Shimla classic food.

Day 2:

We hired a cab in 700 Rs for the whole day, you can call the driver mentioned below and get his cab.

Cab Driver Name: Naveen Sharma, Contact: 9418363139

Places visited: Jakhu Temple, Green Valley, Kufri(Horse r), Himalayan Nature Park, Mall Road, Rendezvous bar

Day 3:

Independence Day Celebration at Ridge Road, Advanced Studies, Himalayan bird park, Cafe Shimla times. Places that could not be visited, unfortunately: Annandale, Chail, Toy train journey from Kalka to Shimla, Gaiety theater.

Things to Remember while packing your baggage:

As per my experience with Shimla, I would suggest you keep following things in mind while you pack your baggage for Shimla during the rainy season(for girls only):

Carry summer wears like a t-shirt, shorts, shoes for trekking, rain coat, jackets and denim as it is cold during the night, an extra pair of footwear.

Here is the lovely raincoat I took with me. The best part is it covered me completely and easy to pull out when it isn't raining:

Also, you can carry some cool hats/caps, just for a change while clicking pictures.

If you suffer from motion sickness(as we did) traveling in round valleys, you must carry medicines, ginger candies and lemon flavored Gatorade.

Total Expenses: Rs.12,000 for 3 days.

Hotel bookings for 3days: Rs.3900

Train from Delhi to Kalka: Rs.936

Cab from Kalka to Shimla: Rs.1250

Cab to roam around shimla: Rs. 700 per day(total: Rs.1400)

Other Expenses: Rs.5000

So It was approximately Rs.6000 per head which is quite a budgeted trip and that too girls...

Some of the books I recommend if you are a keen reader like me and love to get deeper knowledge about the Queen of Himachal Pradesh - Shimla.

Cheers! to the successful trip my dearest siso Natasha.

Trip to Shrivardhan beach – Raigad

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A camping experience at the beach side

We went to an overnight trip to a clean beach of Maharashtra named Shrivardhan located at a distance of 159 km from Pune in Raigad district. It is located at Konkan coastal region.


Route from Pune to Shrivardhan Beach

We took the route as Pune -> Mulshi -> Tamhini Ghat (pass Orchard café at end of Tamhini Ghat -> Vile- MIDC for 3 km -> Mangaon -> left on NH17(Mangaon market) -> right towards Diveagar(careful, you might miss the turn as its inside market) -> T-junction -> turn right to Shrivardhan.

Friendship is all we crave for

This trip is not exactly a full exploration. One of our friend’s bday, we call it “Nikotsav” as he is Mr popular of our group and we celebrate his birthday as a festival (“utsav” in hindi ). Ha-ha! Just kidding… It’s just that we got one more reason to travel.

After doing cake celebration at Nikhil’s place, we kept our bags with one pair of clothes, flip flops, power banks for mobile phones and Bluetooth speakers, towels, some utensils, wood logs, lighter, Maggie and all stuff to make tea. It was around 12:50 am when we hit the road after placing everything inside the car.

We enjoyed the journey with music, fun, dark night on scary Tamhini ghat with silver moonlight and chilling wind. We were all rolling over each other again and again, as the Ghat had many curves. Initially, it was all fun and we all were enjoying. Aargh! But after an hour, I was unable to endure chilling air coming from the gap in car’s gate and ghat section increased my suffering. I was just waiting to reach the destination. Finally, Nikhil’s car stopped, I was half asleep, for a second I thought we reached but actually, we stopped at a petrol pump to take fuel for burning. As I noticed two local peoples were basking their hands in the fire, I immediately went there. The feeling of sitting by the open fire in extremely cold weather was so relaxing, I did not want to get up. But after a while, we left, as we did not reach our destination yet. We needed to cover 17 km more.

Here we are at our destination - Shrivardhan Beach

We took off from the place and reached Shrivardhan beach in around 20 minutes.

Ah! Finally, I could come out of the car. The view was completely breathtaking. The moon over the sea and reflection in the water, shining stars in the night sky, beautiful clouds and peaceful background made the place heaven.

I was lost in the peaceful beauty of the beach the with light sound of waves.

It was very cold, we quickly brought all the things the from the car and started preparing for a bonfire. Finally, everything was set.

We all set on wood pieces as sand was very cold and wet, formed a circle and Rahul started playing guitar with slow and soft music.

After a while, I sat beside him and started singing along in my not so good voice. Paresh, Rupal and some other friends collected stones to create a hearth (Chulha) for cooking and brought fire in it. Some were busy in clicking pictures. Whenever anyone was getting free, he/she was going to enjoy the sea waves and its calmness.

Everything seemed just so perfect with my traveling companion, like a beautiful dream.

Surprize for our bday boy:

After convincing Nikhil’s girlfriend a lot (as she is extremely shy when it comes to doing something romantic), we sent both to spend some time together. In the meantime, we arranged a surprise for our birthday boy Nikhil by decorating some area near the bonfire with candles and beautiful white seashells, along with the beautiful gift his girlfriend made for him and obviously a birthday cake. It all looked wonderful and romantic.

Beauty at its best - Sunrise opposite to the seashore

All of a sudden, I could see the moon getting pale as if it was tired being up all night and waving goodbyes to us just before the dawning of the day. And on the opposite side, I could see a bright light covering the sky to welcome the sun.

 We all got up quickly and cleaned all the waste and collected our stuff, as local people were coming for a morning walk.  Sadly, as per the plan, we will also have to leave in 2 hours or so.

I did not want to leave the place, it was so calm serene away from all the issues of life and job. But as we say,  

“Traveling is like flirting with life. It's like saying, 'I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.”

So we utilized our every moment by enjoying fully.

Getting ready for Sea bath:

We all went to our car and wore beach clothes. Hee-Hee! Boys changed on the road itself. Obviously, Nikhil being the most caring among all of us, created space for us(girls) to change clothes on back seats of the car(trunk) by settling all the luggage. And we all girls, covered all glass panes with towels and stoles and changed clothes inside the car.

Yu-hoo! Here we are enjoying the morning.

Ahh… the first ray of sunlight coming out from the shades of trees to our faces was so refreshing. We were all filled with joy, excitement with no signs of the sleepless night we had. Paresh and Rahul were playing with the waves going a bit far from the shore. I did not go as I was really feeling cold and did not want to make my hairs wet in saline water.

Oh! The trip is ending and we have to go back leaving this beautiful place here but yes we are taking lots of wonderful memories with us.We left the beach at 9:00 am.

Return Journey:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    We returned back enjoying the road trip with a clear view of green valleys which we could not do at night in the darkness. After the valleys crossed, we were half sleeping, me and Paresh fighting over to sit on the window side.

I just love watching through the window of the car while traveling, my mind starts pondering about life, memories, relationships etc. Maybe the motion reminds me of leaving things behind if you want to experience new things or achieve something, you need to keep moving on like the car keeps moving leaving the world behind.

Ha-Ha! Somehow we managed to be alive till we reached back to Pune at 2:00 pm with a stop in between for around an hour to have breakfast.

Hope you enjoyed our fun trip and a delightful camping experience at the seaside.

If you need any information about this beach on any place around Pune, you can always reach out to us on our social Media Handles. Just type "Crave to Explore" and you'll find us right there 🙂

I always believe:

           "Once a year, go someplace you have never been before"

Do you still have any questions? Need any help to plan? Loved the article?

Please comment below or you can contact me here.

Till then...

Keep Exploring 🙂

Places to visit near Pune: Adventure(Camping/hiking/travelling)

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Here we have provided all the important listing of places near Pune, you need for making your weekends memorable. For any other information about places near Pune, you can always contact me here or through our facebook page.

Trekking Places:

Trekking Sites                                                             Difficulty Level                                                 Distance from Pune(Km)
Rajgad Medium  65 kms
Tung Fort Easy 89 kms
Plus Valley(reverse trek) Medium  69 kms
Raigad Easy  130 kms
Rajmachi(preferred in monsoon) Easy  117 kms
Kalsubai(Highest peak of Maharashtra) Easy but lengthy  172 kms
Harishchandragadh Medium  162 kms
Lingana(Climbing) Hard  70 kms
Alang Madan Kulang(AMK- Toughest trek of Maharashtra) Hard(Top priority for a proper trekker)  184 kms
Kalavantin Durg(trek + climb) Medium  118 kms
Duke Nose(Climbing) Medium  72 kms


Camping Places:
These are some places which I prefer around Pune:

Camping Site                                                             About                                                                            Distance from Pune
Lonavala Best explored in rain, lush green valley, preferred tourist destination  65 kms
Khopoli  Perfect campground for those seeking complete solitude in nature  85 kms
Uttan  Seaside town, located in Thane district  187 kms
Bhor  Preferred for team outings  61 kms
Karnala(Near Mumbai) Nested in the arms of Mother Nature, engulfed in the palm and coconut groves, Hill View  120 kms
Kaas Plateau Plateau with exotic flora and fauna  130 kms
On Banks of River Kundalika Rafting camp, you can try out some of the most exclusive water sports like boating, kaya king and river rafting at this camping spot  100 kms
Bhandardara Lake This beautiful jungle campsite is situated near Arthur Lake  163 kms
Kashid Beach Camping The Kashid beach campsite is situated on a hillock flanked by the Phansad wildlife sanctuary and the majestic Arabian Sea.  187 kms
Pawna Lake Preferred place for personal camping situated near Lonavala  61 kms
Mount Machi Resort The resort provides all facilities to camp in there garden just behind the hills, perfect music at night,bonfire and barbeque.  28 kms

I always believe:

"Once a year, go someplace you have never been before"

Do you still have any questions? Need any help to plan? Loved the article?

Please comment below or you can contact me here.

Till then...

Keep Exploring 🙂

Trek to Lingana – Whee! what a climbing experience it was.

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Adventure is right there on this straight peak of Maharashtra

Finally, After a year I convinced Paresh to be a storyteller and here I am.. sharing his thoughts with my ink


About Lingana :

Lingana – It was named as Lingana due to its shape. It looks like a shivling of Lord Shiva. Its located in Mahad district.It is a massive pinnacle located on the mainline of Sahyadris between Raigad fort(Capital at the time of Shivaji Empire) and Torna at a height of 2969ft above the sea level.


Front view of Lingana

Shivaji Maharaj used Lingana to lock down the prisoners and it was built in 1648 by himself and then destroyed by the British and was almost inaccessible for a century.

In 1970, a Mumbai based group summited for the first time after destruction followed by summit of many people. Whee! Now it was my turn. Okay enough of history now. Atleast I am not so interested in knowing the past, so lets get started with the actual adventure.

Let's get started!

It is one of my life's best adventure trip.

As I started planning to go on this adventure, I told some of my friends about it. It is always better to have a good company and they always wanted to for this kind of adventurous trip with me.I tried to convince at least 10 people in which 5 of them were convinced but at the time of booking only two of them got ready Aman(from Indore) and Harshit(from Mumbai). No offense but maybe they lost their passion as they had during college or there could be any personal reasons too.

Well, I came to know about an explorer’s group while scrolling through Facebook and there I show their upcoming event about the hiking on a mountain named “Lingana”. As I searched through the pictures of huge thrilling hiking to Lingana, I could not control my thirst. It was kind of a place, I was wishing to go for a very very long time.

Explorers were about to cancel the trip before a day as they could not receive responses from enough number of people. I pleaded them not to cancel the trip, I was waiting for this for a long time. But they were unable to do anything. Phew! I gave my last try and they got ready to go for the trip. I told them my friends are coming from Indore and Mumbai only for the trip, they have planned leaves also from their job. Yay! Finally, the trip was on.

Wait wait…!! before moving forward I forgot to introduce you to the Explorers Group who organized the trip and the summit credit totally goes to them only.

The team of explorers had four people in it named Anand Kenjale, Sunil, Santosh, and Yugandhar. They all had a strong experience in hiking. They lead the whole trip with enthusiasm. Yugandhar was the youngest. He was only 18 years old, though had a great experience in hiking. They all were very kind, supportive and took care of everything for every member. They made climbing such a tough trek really easy by motivating each member and guiding properly at each step. Also, one important and good thing was that they did not compromise with the quality of equipment. You can reach out to them here at Explorer's Group

Our journey:

We reached Explorers office at sharp 2.30 pm. They distributed lunch packets to all of us and then we left for Lingana around 3 pm. We were 7 participants apart from 5 explorers I mentioned. Anand picked us up in black Scorpio. We were so curious that we threw queries one after the other on Anand and surprisingly, he answered every query without getting frustrated. According to the plan, we would start climbing at 3 am but everyone was so excited and could not wait to starting climbing at night as soon as we reach the base village. We were having all this discussion on our way and all of us tried to convince Anand about it. But he did not agree at that time. At around 6.30pm we reached the base village Mohari.


We saw a beautiful hut over there belonged to Sarpanch(Leader)  of Mohari.

Three of us (me, Aman and Harshit) initially did not involve with the group much. Also I could not stay at single place to rest and was damn excited. So we went to the edge of valley. It was such a refreshing moment to watch the sunset.


Trying to capture the sun departing...

IMG_20151225_173548Aha! The beautiful sun set marveled my eyes.

As we were lost in watching the sun depart, I heard the voice, “Guys! Food is ready come along quickly”. Meanwhile other climbers of explorer group were fixing ropes, we started our dinner with a conversation from the same unanswered question – why not tonight only???

Finally, Anand took his Cell phone and called Sunil, who went to fix ropes, to know about the flow of wind over there. Sunil asked him to wait for sometime until he provides the green signal.

Infact the explorers used to climb at night only but since past 8 years, no participant had such enthusiasm and will power to do so and hence they schedule to start early morning. Ah! Finally Anand and Sunil agreed after analyzing the flow of wind and looking at our enthusiasm, excitement and most importantly will power.


Can't wait to see what delicious food we are gonna have... I'm damn hungry man!

In dinner we had delicious mixed spicy vegetable curry, green chilli thecha, nachanichi bhakri,  kadhi and rice (purely Maharashtrian food). Normally in Pune, the thecha is not that spicy so I took a bite of bhakri full of thecha. Eek! It was damn spicy, I could clearly feel fire in my mouth. I had lots of water and 5 spoons of sugar. Everyone started laughing to see my situation. After finishing our delicious and spicy food, we all gathered. Anand, winking and giving cunning smile, warned us “No pooping possible during climb and Since it will take long time, whoever had food in excess should go ahead and get freshen up behind trees. You have 20 minutes before we start our trek”.

Hee-hee! One of my friend went behind the tree and obviously I took his picture. Lol! Yeah I still have that picture but can’t show it in public.

After 20 minutes Anand asked us to gather behind the hut. There he filled us with more enthusiasm by his motivational speech. Ha-ha! As I am a filmy kind of guy, it reminded me of speech given by Bollywood actor Shahrukh khan to his hockey team in the movie “Chak De India”. He distributed equipments among us and asked us to remove extra weight from our bags and keep it in car.

Anand knew the route very well but he did not want to take any risk specially during night, so he called two local people to cover the end of queue. We started moving towards Boratyatchi Naal, a narrow patch, around 9:30pm. The best thing was it being a full moon night, so we didn’t even need to turn on our torch all the time except few places. Oh! Yes I totally forgot to mention, It was Christmas Eve and so obviously the weather was chilling. Everyone could feel the freezing drizzle of Christmas as were already in outskirts and that too on mountain. The base point/bottom of Lingana was a level down the Naal. As we reached the mouth of the Naal, we tightened up our Harness (climbing gear) and helmet and started descending the mountain.

Though we had to descend the mountain, it could take time. But as the trek was just started, we all were very full of energy, curious and excited, It felt like we reached the bottom of lingana in a blink of eye.Though actually it took us around two hours to reach. It was 11:30 pm, I saw someone flashing light on us from the mountain and they were none other than some members of explorers along with one of the lead Sunil, who settled up rope for us.



"Anand whistled and We all flashed out torch lights above to give them a signal"

Trust me, it was an amazing feeling to reach even the base of Lingana with such enthusiasm.

It's time to climb...


Before we started climbing, we took a break. Anand reminded us about every rule that we need to follow and how to handle the equipments. We started to tighten up the harness, mittens and decenders. Although decenders are required to rapel down. I don’t want to go in technical part much so Yeah let’s move ahead.

Around 12 o’clock, we started climbing finally. I can’t express in words about my excitement and happiness about that moment. Anand lead the group and asked Vaibhav to stay at the end, as he was the only experienced participant.


We attached  our self-anchor with a belay rope and start ascending.


Trick to hold torch while climbing...

We held our torch in exactly the same way as we hold pencil during writing so that it becomes easy to climb and watch out in darkness.

After a while we reached a point where we had to cross the curvy edge of mountain to climb further. It  was only 1-2 inches wide. We were scared to cross it during night due to darkness, but tried our best by using equipments. First, we self-anchored (attach your harness’s anchor with rope)ourselves so that we don’t fall down if we slip and started placing foot slowly and finally we did it. After climbing for some more time, we reached the point closer to the light coming from side of Sunil. Anand went to the end, Sunil threw a belay rope and as per instructions, everyone attached their anchor and started climbing up. I was the first one to do so. I reached up to Sunil but could not see his face due to extreme wind and I could not even hear his voice. So I waited quietly for others without disturbing him while he was helping others. Gradually, all of the participants reached and at the end anand came up. We started moving towards the right side for cave and if you see in the picture,you will able to understand  that it’s a bit off track, is same as the previous curvy one with only some inches to place our foot.


Curvy right side of cave 

Phew! Only rope was our hope. Hee-Hee! Forbid my poor rhythm. With the help of rope, we self-anchored ourselves and reached at cave at 2 am.Cave’s dimensions were approximately 12*12*12 feet cubical with front open to huge valley.We quickly adjusted our backpack and took a place and put our bed sheets and relaxed.While doing that I noticed Sunil and Anand took out their sleeping bags, packed themselves and said, goodnight guys! and I was like, bro! we need to purchase these sleeping bags, they are awesome.

The wind was extremely chilling and wild. The temperature at that point was approximately 4°C.We were shivering with cold, as the cave was open from one end. The last person had to sleep on the edge as the cave was small in length. Anand sarcastically warned, “whoever walks in sleep and specially Vaibhav! You are sleeping just 2 foot away from the edge. So be very careful”. He again gave that cunning smile and everyone laughed and went to sleep.

Even after staying so close to each other for almost an hour to protect ourselves from chilling wind,we were not able to sleep. Me and my friend Aman together managed one bed sheet below us. Aman said, laughing and shivering, ”Bhai apni girlfriend samaj ke hi chipakja, Please”(Hey! Please don’t doubt on me guys, it was just a situation Ha-ha!) and I replied, teasing him, “Oh! Bro, Are you Gay?”.

Afterall, A friend in need is a friend indeed. Finally after an hour, we were able to sleep properly for 4 hours.

Marvellous morning with beautiful glimpse of valley:

I woke up at 7 am and slowly opened my eyes. I could see the huge ridge of a mountain with a deep valley infront of me.


What could be more soothing than having such a wonderful glimpse in the morning as the first thing.

During night we did not see anything except darkness. It was very deep and we spent the whole night at such a height.
After a while everyone was up and Anand announced, “let’s make tea first, have some breakfast (packed one given from the office, during the start of expedition) and now everyone wanted to freshen up.





Although it was embarrassing when Anand circulated the newspapers to everyone and explained to poop on newspaper wrap it properly and then throw it down on the side edge and to make sure that it does not open up. He also warned us, “while you throw it down due to flow of wind it can come up back on your mouth as well” and everyone reacted, Yuck man.. !!. Anyways his main aim behind the plan was to keep the natural clean and green and to avoid problems for other hikers as well.

Anyways coming back to the trek, after half an hour we were all set to move ahead. I was thrilled when I came to know that all the ropes which helped us to climb up to cave were removed by explorers.

Climbing through the second part above the cave:

Now we all were filled with an extreme level of confidence and energy.


We started climbing further with the target to summit and to return back to base village Mahori by 4 pm. Also, now we were used to handle equipments and rock climbing too, so we paced while climbing.

But then Sunil told us about one most challenging patch coming ahead. It was the most challenging part of the expedition. Ooh! Explorers  have named it as “Ramdev Baba Patch” and You know why? Ha-Ha let me tell you. Because you have to climb the patch with a proper judgement of stretching both hands and legs and put a lot of effort too. When I saw Anand crossing the patch, it seemed easy to me and I felt that we can do it easily. Although we did do it, but no doubt man! It was actually tough and more time consuming as compared to other parts of the mountain but unfortunately Harshit could not do it after trying his best and got really scared.

We even tried to motivate him and Sunil gave support from bottom to push him up but he was not able to do it. In the end he decided to stay there only and waited there till we returned.

Here comes the most awaited part.. “Summit”:

After some bela patch we were left with only 20 minutes of climbing to summit Lingana.  It took us around 2 hours from cave to Lingana’s summit point i.e. morning climb.

Whee! Finally I did it, we all did it. It was an amazing feeling. There is nothing quite like reaching the summit of mountain. It was my first summit and it made me feel like the biggest achievement in life.


Well! “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”

Indeed it was, but that time I did not know, there are going to be more such summits in my life. It was actually a big turning point for me.

We congratulated each other with hugs and thanked the explorers’ team.


Celebrating success with a friend is above all.

After dancing like crazy, we clicked some pictures.


Also we were able to see two other forts from that point, “Raigad and Torna. We started our returned journey after enjoying our success. But actually its the important, a bit sad and realistic fact:

“Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.”

Rapelling down/ Returning to base village:


Actually, the summit is just a halfway point. During climbing you can see what you have to climb through but in rapelling you cannot see and measure the level of difficulty.

Besides it was my first experience of rapelling, so I was a bit nervous but was more curious.

Well! there were 5 patches to rapel down through the same route we climbed, 3 up to the cave and there was one longest patch of around 150 meters to rapel down. In that patch we were unable to see the edge. In rapelling we used descender, the only equipment we didn’t use yet. Sunil explained quickly about the procedure. Rapelling was obviously faster. Some people on the other valley infront of us encouraged us and in response, we thanked by signaling altogether. We met Harshit as we reached at cave and quickly had lunch of already packed chapati and shrikand.

From that point we rapelled down with our complete baggage and bundle of ropes. I, being full of enthusiasm and passion, personally asked Sunil to let me do descending for a short patch without rope but sadly,he denied as it was risky.

Now the last two patches were left to rapel down and one of them was again a bit hard but somehow we all did it quickly and easily too.

What is hard to endure is sweet to remember.

During rapelling, some tiny rock pieces and stones were falling down and during rapelling as we are not experts so as we were not experts. So we were asked by explorers to  warn loudly saying 'WATCH' so that the one who rapelled down before the other could be careful and protect himself  by using climbing hat.

Back to Base Village:

Finally we reached at bottom of Lingana. We had to now ascend Boratyachi Naal with some of our left out energy. We were all completely wrecked up. I and Vaibhav were the first to reach base village. As we reached we laid down for 10-15 minutes as if we were dead. Hee-hee! Also I have heard somewhere,"Pain is only weakness leaving the body."

After a while Anand came and told us to go on right direction and see the view of Pinnacle Lingana.

Woo-hoo! We could see the complete view of lingana. It was huge man and we could actually feel what we have achieved in first attempt. We were overjoyed and were just looking at it for around 40-45 minutes. The feeling was more intense than summit. The feeling of elation is above all and it made us proud on ourselves. In the end we thanked the Sarpanch for lovely dinner last night and to keep our extra stuff and left for Pune.

Finally, the great Lingana trip ended with memories, amazing friends for life and urge to go for more challenging mountains.

---- The mountains are calling and I must go.