Best Street Shopping Places in India

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Street shopping and girls have a heart to heart connection, Isn’t it? Though nobody tells you that the same is true for boys these days. Every one of us loves to shop from Street Markets, Flee markets and a lot of such shopping places. So, I decided to explore all the best street shopping places in India and I’m sure you’d love each and every place for their unique, affordable, and trendy items.

Here are some of the best street shopping markets of India that I explored

  1. Sarojini Market, Delhi
Sarojini Nagar

When it comes to street market, no place can replace the trending and fashionable collection of items at a very cheap rate. You must have heard a lot of Bollywood songs and videos on Sarojini Market and trust me, they tell you very little about the place. Ask any Delhiite or anyone who has been there once, you’d know what Sarojini market actually is. I have been there millions of times and I still crave to go there whenever I find the time. So, why wait… just practice some bargaining skills, carry a big shopping bag and visit Sarojini Market in Delhi.

  1. Arpora Saturday Night Market, Goa

    Arpora Saturday Night Market, Goa via

Goa is one of the best places in the world famous for its free nightlife, parties, and boozing. Arpora Saturday Night Market is one such flee market in Goa that has it all. It’s not only one of the best street shopping places in India but it’s the most happening night market full of partying mood, beachside food, unique yet trending items, and all of it at a very cheap price. The specialty of this place can’t be explained in one word, considering some of the qualities – it begins at 6 pm and lasts overnight, it’s organized once in a week and that too on the day when you’re fully lost in the party mood “Saturday”. You’ll find clothes, jewelry, decorating items, home décor, handicrafts, and a lot of varieties of seafood. The place is a big beachside ground lit with beautiful lamps and is famous among shopaholics and travelers.

  1. Colaba Causeway, Mumbai 
Colaba-Causeway, Mumbai via

Colaba Causeway is not only famous for its street shopping but food as well. This street market filled with localities to foreigners offers you everything; be it cheap clothes, jewelry on footpaths to designer boutiques. If you are visiting this city of dreams, Bollywood Nagri ‘Mumbai’, visiting Colaba is a must. The vendors sell trending clothes and jewelry at throwaway prices. What I loved most about Colaba is its British buildings and the sunset on the Arabian Sea.

4. FC Road, Pune

FC Road, Pune

Unlike metro cities such as Delhi or Mumbai, Pune offers you lively and happening life without any chaos. Fergusson College Road, named after Fergusson College, is the street market of Pune famous for its street shopping and food. You’ll find best-selling novels, footwear, both western and Indian outfits, and accessories at a very low price. The place also offers you amazing food such as chocolate sandwiches to jalapeno pizzas, Pan to cotton candies, mango mastani to amazing thick shakes, and a lot of Indian cuisines enjoying the lovely weather of Pune while roaming on the FC Road of Pune.


  1. Commercial Street, Bangalore
Commercial Street, Bangalore
Commercial Street, Bangalore via

Comm/Commercial Street of Bangalore is one of the best street shopping places in Bangalore. Though MG Road, Brigade Road are also known for shopping in Bangalore, but Commercial Street is the best. It offers you jazz clothing and denim at very low prices. The place stands out from other local markets of India due to its well-organized lanes and the quality of clothes it offers.

  1. Baapu Bazaar, Jaipur
Bapu Bazaar, Jaipur
Bapu Bazaar, Jaipur via

You visit this beautiful pink city of authentic Rajasthan and don’t get to wear Lehenga Choli? Sad, isn’t it? Baapu Bazaar of Jaipur offers you all ethnic wears for men and women and that too enjoying the charm of street shopping. Jaipuri Jutti, lac bangles, henna mehndi, home decors, and a lot of ethnic jewelry, you’ll find all of them at a very reasonable price.

  1. Serenity Beach Bazaar, Pondicherry
Serenity Beach Bazaar, Pondicherry
Serenity Beach Bazaar, Pondicherry via

Pondicherry is the city famous for its serene beaches and this beach market of South India as the name says is located at Serenity Beach of Pondicherry. You can shop various handicrafts, ethnic wears, souvenirs, accessories and a lot more at a very affordable price enjoying the beach culture, seafood and a variety of drinks while shopping.

We travel to relax our soul experiencing the beauty of different places we visit. This list of best street shopping places in India adds more to explore at every place and collect some souvenir and artifacts to carry along the memories of that place and that too at a price that won’t affect your travel budget much.

Don’t forget to comment below if you know more street shopping places in India or all over the world.

Till then, Keep Exploring with Crave to Explore 🙂

5 best quotes that describe the meaning of Freedom

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Freedom is to act, speak, or think as we want to.  

For me, fulfilling my dreams is Freedom - travel,writing and all of my dreams. Traveling provides me the freedom - to roam around where I want to, to scribble down all my feelings—towards the nature, people, places and much more,—to be away from chaos of the biased society.

Freedom is - fighting against the stereotypes, will to speak what we want to, to act in your own way, freedom is to be fly high in the sky,  being free from the society tantrum. But the question is, Can we really depend on these terms of freedom?

I’ve collected these 5 freedom quotes by most popular people in the World. Read them out and then think, what Freedom means to you.

These are the definitions of Freedom by some of the best authors. However, we must define FREEDOM in our own words, that's what it is. 

What makes you feel free? What is Freedom for you? Do tell me in the comments below.

If you feel you are not free, fight for your Freedom like a warrior does for making this Country free.

Wish you all a Happy Independence Day!

Till then, Keep Exploring! 🙂

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A story untold: Purest bond of love – Raksha Bandhan

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On the upcoming occasion of Rakshabandhan

When we talk about Indian culture, festivals have always enlightened our lives no matter what we are going through in life. Raksha Bandhan is the occasion that nurtures the bond between a brother and sister. As we all know, we celebrate the festival with our siblings and families.

Raksha Bandhan is nearby and on this beautiful occasion of bond formation, let’s nourish our brother-sister relationship.

What can be the most precious gift than opening your heart out and let your brother or sister know how much you love them.

Nine years back when I first started using the internet, I met someone really special.

I was in 12th standard. He stepped into my life when I was heading towards my aspirations.

He came to my life like an angel. Not a fictional angel with wings but the real life angel.

No, he is not a friend or boyfriend but my brother. I did not have any intention to have one more brother when I already had two siblings, and neither did he. But our bond turned out to be that way by itself.  The brother by heart, a relationship more special than a blood relationship. He turned out to be my savior, my inspiration.

 I did not meet him even once, years passed by, yet he was the one major hand behind every step I took. He advised me on every major situation whether it was about handling teenage relationships or pursuing my career choosing the best opportunity available. Not only that, he is the one who enlightened me that God resides within us. We need to believe ourselves to believe in God.

And now, when I look back to those years, I find a successful me. And, he was always the one who made me believe in myself.

When I met him online, he was pursuing Bachelor of Engineering and now, he is the founder of most inspiring global platform for women.

He highlights and encourages all the inspiring women who chase their dreams.

His platform is indeed an inspiration to me and all the women out there to achieve something big and stand out in the crowd.

Proud to have a brother like him. And, this article is just to a token to tell him How much I appreciate and proud to have him as my brother.

I love you brother. 🙂

Everyone has a story untold. This is mine, would like to share yours?

Drop a comment below or contact me here to share your stories with Crave to Explore.

Enjoy the delightful festival of love. Happy Rakshabandhan!!


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Heartily Congratulations to ANSHU JAMSENPA- The First Indian Woman to summit the Mount Everest for fourth time.

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Proud Moment for all Indians...

If you are a mountaineer, you must have dreamt at least once about going to the Mount Everest.

ANSHU JAMSENPA (belongs to Arunachal Pradesh, India) is the first Indian woman to climb the mighty Mount Everest four times. Today morning she reached the summit of Mount Everest fourth time.

Moreover, she is also the first woman in the world, as a mother to climb the Mount Everest twice in one season in only 10 days duration.

 It is really a proud moment for all Indians, especially women.  Every day I see an Indian woman doing something incredible, about which even a man would have to think twice.

Perhaps, She could not have been able to achieve this huge success if her family did not support her. 

How would be India if every family in India provided that much of support and motivation to their women be it your wife, mother or daughter?

Ah! I feel goosebumps to even think about that day.

I request to all Indians reading this, “Please… Please wake up, if you have not till now. Free your women, help them, support them, trust their instincts, instead of imposing foundations on them.”

Hats off to you lady many more times. J

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Ilahi mera jee aaye aaye…

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Ilahi mera jee aaye aaye...

Ah! A perfect song for wanderers like us, Isn't it?

Well! I like this song but it is his favorite song. The one person who motivated me to live my dreams, the one who is always ready on one foot to support me, the one who believes equally that I will soon fulfill my dreams, and the one and only person who gave me a reason to start "Crave to Explore" at the first place together, "Paresh".

Now that I heard this song on our every road trip, I started enjoying it and it's one the best road trip song, that's exactly when I heard the music silently...

Ilahi mera ji aaye aaye...
Da da dan dan dung dung dang...

It makes you go crazy with some beautiful tips for life. It motivates you to live in present with no worries for future, chase your dreams, and follow the path that has ups and downs but that's the only thing that makes you feel alive.

No matter what your passion is: trekking/hiking, traveling, writing, cooking, music, and any other thing, but you always should remember these tips for life.

Music is the one common thing which everybody can relate to their life. It is freedom such as the life of an independent explorer. It is not biased to any language or region.

Can Relate?

Drop your favorite songs in the comment section below.

Till then... Keep Exploring 🙂


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Are Indian women really independent? or “In- Dependent” ?

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All her surroundings are filled with people getting hitched, girls being pressurized to get married soon by emotional blackmail of parents. Some are still bounded to think as their parents want them to think, they cannot go out late night with girls to party out but yes they can go for work late night. Why? Not because she will be unsafe but because “Log kya kahege”. Yes the same people who always come to know about a girl before her parents know about anything. These girls cannot ask their parents to go out on a trip with male friends even if they want to and they know they are secure. Even if they try to make their parents understand what they get in return is , “You are a girl and you need to be careful”. But yes you need to get married to a total strange guy and go with him anywhere. Oh yes! Arghhh! Now the girl is safe and yes now she has married to a bodyguard who is not a normal male. And above all, these are the same girls who are working far from their home but yes I won’t call them independent at all.
I read some where,

Education is the tool that can help break the pattern of gender discrimination and bring lasting change for women in developing countries.

I do not know about other countries but definitely India needs to adapt more than that.The fear of their parents and society has always made them weak and dependent. They somehow managed to get out of their parent’s home and create good career. But their life is still bounded.The job is a bribe to them to say “Yes my parents do not distinguish male and female”. But the reality is different in most of the cases. A girl has to marry at 23 even that is also too late but a guy can marry whenever he wants to. I feel sad for those girls who cannot fight it even after earning and becoming successful in their career and I feel sad for those parents who are still living with old mindset when females used to cook food and stay at home and they had nothing to do except marry a guy and cook at his home. And above all these things, In some parts of India, it's traditional to greet a family with a newborn girl by saying, "The servant of your household has been born."

But this does not make all indian females dependent. She also knows few real independent females too. But "few" is not enough to make all Indian women independent.

Somewhere in some corner India is growing gradually. Many girls are lucky enough to have parents like she has. She is also an independent girl. Oh yes here independent does not mean the one I mentioned above. She is really independent because her parents think she is independent. She has enough courage to fight with the world no matter what the situation is. She is independent because her parents trust in her will because they do not distinguish a guy and a girl. They do not distinguish between their son and daughter. They treat both equally. They give her the freedom to do what she wants in her life. They do not force her to get married at specific age but when she is actually ready to live with a life partner. They are a bit concerned but not worried to let their girl travel alone at night. They believe in her will and her decisions. They are also Indian parents belong to a middle class family. If they can have enough courage to let their girl become independent , why not others?

Are you having a thought “My life is boring!”?

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This time I am not here to share my story.

I have observed a major issue with many people around me. I am sure each one of you will be able to relate it in some or the other way to your life.

People live the same day for years and envy people who are enjoying or more specifically living the real and wonderful life and some are the ones who have not realized yet or I should say they are not ready to come out of their comfort zone. It is very easy and comfortable to wake up every day and get into routines. But it makes you loose excitement in life and so your way of solving an issue or your capabilities to achieve success. Trust me, I was the one among them too. But not anymore.

There is this famous saying by Rebecca West:

“It is the soul's duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must abandon itself to its master passion.”

Don’t envy people instead learn from them.

“Let’s bring some change in life and see if it makes you any happier.”

After all, life is about creating memories and being happy. I am not saying you should leave everything behind and just travel the world or something. But at least you can find some time for your passion for the thing that actually makes you go crazy and forget all the worries of life. Do things that makes your life less ordinary and escape the boredom.

You just need to find out what it is.

Some people do know what actually makes them happy but they are scared to admit it. They are scared of change, scared whether their loved ones, be it friends, family or life partner, will understand it. But there is no harm in trying right? They might not understand at first but when you choose track to your happiness and do the things about which you are passionate about and finally happier than ever before. If they love you truly, no matter what they will try to understand and if you are happy then only you can make others happy. So people don’t be scared. Give it a try, start with some small change in your life which makes you happy and see the consequences. It is not going to harm anybody.

For me, there is always a list to do some different things, one is obviously travelling new places, exploring yummy food and yes always following my heart no matter where it takes my life because that makes me the happiest person.

Okay, let’s consider five things that make you happy right now and write it down or put it in your mind somewhere along with me:

  1. Help someone selflessly.
  2. Going on a trip with my mate or alone.
  3. Spending time with loved ones.
  4. Writing out what I observe.
  5. Watching gossip girl (as of now).

So, what are yours? If you feel comfortable share it with me here. May be it can help you explore yourself.

Also If you wanna go on a trip like I do and don’t have anybody to go with. Join me in… Email me or ping me about the details.

Be happy, keep exploring!! 🙂