Memes that best describe your vacation story

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An image speaks a thousand words. Unsurprisingly, in our time, memes and GIF's speak and convey emotions even when words fall short. Hence, what better way to track, predict and conceptualize your vacation, than using appropriate memes to exact your sentiments. So, get ready to sprinkle some more fun, in an already fun-filled itinerary of travel and holidays.

Here we have collected some memes and GIF's to bring out all your reactions, actions, and expressions when you are set to embark on a vacation. Have fun!

  1. The way you feel when everybody around is taking a vacation or posting amazing holiday pictures on Facebook. Yes, you really want to just take off somewhere and let your hair loose.
  2. You savage hunt through websites, travel agents and Google to find your best getaway plans. You are bombed with information and your head spins at trying to figure out where to go, how to go, what to do there, where to stay and so on. via
  3. Until finally you decide on your holiday plan and give a pat to yourself for having accomplished the task of setting your travel vacation on the roll.


  4. With only a week or few days left for your holiday, it is hard to contain the excitement. via
  5. Alright, so in spite of you being the last minute packer, completing your chores and praying to the heavens that you do not miss your flight this one last time you leave from work as a boss. via
  6. And you finally make it! You board the plan and are surprisingly not the last passenger that people are staring at with disdain. via
  7. But, of course, you do have carry-on luggage that just won’t sit quietly, will it?
  8. The plane lands and you step out into the wind, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated already. via
  9. You dump your bags and head out immediately into doing the crazy holiday ritual of going pretty much mad with happiness. via
  10. Or you decide to do the same with a bunch of friends.
  11. But of course, travel incurs more than just fun. It usually also means getting lost and not knowing where you are headed. via
  12. Or it also means, finding yourself in the middle of nowhere.
  13. But, really so what? You make the most of it; check out everything around and who knows end up making lifelong travel buddies.
  14. Can a vacation be complete without shopping?
  15. After a day of visiting tourist places, hotels and shopping, this is what you enjoy the most. via
  16. And start thinking about why you cannot do this every day for the rest of your life. 
  17. The last day of the vacation when you wake up with a huge amount of energy to make sure to see and do everything that has been left out so far. However, you are still left with a sinking feeling in your heart. via
  18. Finally, you bid adieu to your holiday with a heavy heart.
  19. And, trying to get back to work after your vacation. 

Well, these memes leaves me with nothing more to say, but happy holidaying!

Till then, Keep Exploring!

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