Reasons why Khadakwasla is still our favorite Weekend Getaway?

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Planning a one-day weekend trip near Pune? You are at the right place. I have visited Khadakwasla more than ten times and it is still one of the best weekend getaway from Pune. Whether you are planning to visit with your friends, family or your loved ones, here are few things that you could do at Khadakwasla to make your moments memorable.


Let me take you through my latest experience at Khadakwasla to give you a better picture



All Seasons Pleasant



Undoubtedly, monsoon in Pune is to die for. However, it becomes hard to find any place to spend our weekends during blazing hot summer and that’s when comes this little beautiful spot on the top of the list of weekend getaways near Pune. You’ll always find cool breeze flowing through the lakeside roads of Khadakwasla.


Soak yourself in the water

Khadakwasla lake is filled with clean and cold water. You can enjoy sitting on those little rocks near water or even can splash and swim in the water to make the best of the moment. However, you should not go too deep considering your health and safety.


Mouth-licking Choupati Flavors

To make this place, a perfect picnic spot you’ll find a lot many vendors all over the roadside selling Vada Pav, luscious malai kulfi, Burf ka gola, Bhel puri, Pani puri, and not to forget the famous Kanda bhajji. All these vendors have setup sitting tent shades where you can sit, relax, eat and enjoy the view of the lake.

Sunset to die for


The clean and soft water with gentle waves, green mountains and the sunset like orange paint on the blue sky is truly a view to die for. And, when you get all of these at one place… is incredible. I can’t show you the real view but then you can have a pretty good idea with the below pictures.


Close Proximity to Sinhagad Fort

You can always go for the Sinhagad fort trek. It is just at a distance of 18km from Khadakwasla and it’ll hardly take 35 to 40 minutes to reach the place. So, plan your trip in a way that you cover Sinhagad fort before or after Khadakwasla.

What more?

Well, it is located at a distance of just 20kms from Pune, you can easily go by bike or moped. You can even reach Khadakwasla using a local city bus service (PMPML) from all main bus stops of Pune such as Swargate, Katraj, etc.

Stop reading now and go to this wonderful place coming weekend!! Even if you have been there, it will be a different experience every time you visit. We’ve been to this place many times and trust me, we have never regretted the experience.

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