5 best quotes that describe the meaning of Freedom

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Freedom is to act, speak, or think as we want to.  

For me, fulfilling my dreams is Freedom - travel,writing and all of my dreams. Traveling provides me the freedom - to roam around where I want to, to scribble down all my feelings—towards the nature, people, places and much more,—to be away from chaos of the biased society.

Freedom is - fighting against the stereotypes, will to speak what we want to, to act in your own way, freedom is to be fly high in the sky,  being free from the society tantrum. But the question is, Can we really depend on these terms of freedom?

I’ve collected these 5 freedom quotes by most popular people in the World. Read them out and then think, what Freedom means to you.

These are the definitions of Freedom by some of the best authors. However, we must define FREEDOM in our own words, that's what it is. 

What makes you feel free? What is Freedom for you? Do tell me in the comments below.

If you feel you are not free, fight for your Freedom like a warrior does for making this Country free.

Wish you all a Happy Independence Day!

Till then, Keep Exploring! 🙂

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