Memes that best describe your vacation story

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An image speaks a thousand words. Unsurprisingly, in our time, memes and GIF's speak and convey emotions even when words fall short. Hence, what better way to track, predict and conceptualize your vacation, than using appropriate memes to exact your sentiments. So, get ready to sprinkle some more fun, in an already fun-filled itinerary of travel and holidays.

Here we have collected some memes and GIF's to bring out all your reactions, actions, and expressions when you are set to embark on a vacation. Have fun!

  1. The way you feel when everybody around is taking a vacation or posting amazing holiday pictures on Facebook. Yes, you really want to just take off somewhere and let your hair loose.
  2. You savage hunt through websites, travel agents and Google to find your best getaway plans. You are bombed with information and your head spins at trying to figure out where to go, how to go, what to do there, where to stay and so on. via
  3. Until finally you decide on your holiday plan and give a pat to yourself for having accomplished the task of setting your travel vacation on the roll.


  4. With only a week or few days left for your holiday, it is hard to contain the excitement. via
  5. Alright, so in spite of you being the last minute packer, completing your chores and praying to the heavens that you do not miss your flight this one last time you leave from work as a boss. via
  6. And you finally make it! You board the plan and are surprisingly not the last passenger that people are staring at with disdain. via
  7. But, of course, you do have carry-on luggage that just won’t sit quietly, will it?
  8. The plane lands and you step out into the wind, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated already. via
  9. You dump your bags and head out immediately into doing the crazy holiday ritual of going pretty much mad with happiness. via
  10. Or you decide to do the same with a bunch of friends.
  11. But of course, travel incurs more than just fun. It usually also means getting lost and not knowing where you are headed. via
  12. Or it also means, finding yourself in the middle of nowhere.
  13. But, really so what? You make the most of it; check out everything around and who knows end up making lifelong travel buddies.
  14. Can a vacation be complete without shopping?
  15. After a day of visiting tourist places, hotels and shopping, this is what you enjoy the most. via
  16. And start thinking about why you cannot do this every day for the rest of your life. 
  17. The last day of the vacation when you wake up with a huge amount of energy to make sure to see and do everything that has been left out so far. However, you are still left with a sinking feeling in your heart. via
  18. Finally, you bid adieu to your holiday with a heavy heart.
  19. And, trying to get back to work after your vacation. 

Well, these memes leaves me with nothing more to say, but happy holidaying!

Till then, Keep Exploring!

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How do I plan three days trip around Pune?

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You should always plan to visit pune during monsoon preferably July and August.There is nothing much within pune but places around pune are beautiful during monsoon.Those lush green mountains, amazing weather, chilled-out people and roaming around late nights without fear is what I love about Pune. You should hire a cab/ self-drive car(if you are comfortable driving in Ghats) for all three days, which is very convenient way. If you need any help with getting a cab in genuine rates, I can help you with that. You can plan your three days trip as:

Day1: Visit Mahabaleshwar , spend the night there. It will be all foggy and green. Must visit strawberry farms and have strawberry cream.

Day 2: Early morning leave for Panchgani and visit mapro garden and have sandwhiches there and if time permits visit Table land and leave for Korigad, it is a unexplored yet wonderful place to visit. If you need more details about Korigad, visit my story for korigad here. It is near famous Tiger’s point in lonavala.

At night, visit Tiger’s point and stay at a resort at Ambey valley.

Day3 : Must visit Matheran. Enjoy horse ride from parking lot to reach Matheran. It is sort of a Jungle trek. There are beautiful resorts to stay too.

A birthday surprise: Trek to Kodigad/Koriagad Fort.

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For a traveller like me, nothing can be more special than a b’day surprise to explore a new place.

Ah, this time I am definitely going to reach the destination unlike last time. I planned this trip few months ago but unfortunately we had a bad luck; our car got puncture and there were many more circumstances.

He-he so yeah!! finally Paresh planned a surprise trip to Korigad fort on my birthday.

Dated 02 Oct,2016:

I will start with the beginning of my b’day. The day is already special, as my birth date is same as that of great personality of India “Mahatma Gandhi”. woo-hoo! I do not possess those great qualities though.

Anyways, so where I was? Yeah my first b’day gift was a surprise candle light dinner ( won’t go in much detail now #personal 😛 ). All planned by my one and only partner (wink!!). Then we returned back and went to Nikhil’s (One of our bestie) place, where all my friends did beautiful decorations. As I entered his flat along with Paresh, everyone started wishing me with hugs. There were heart shaped balloons all over the place, two cakes ( one from my all friends and one came from my best friend Ekta aka “Eku”from Delhi ) on the table lighten with candles. I was so happy and excited. The cake was yummy but we ended up playing holi with the cake. Oops!! Again lost in writing, this blog is more about the trek to Kodigad. So here we go.

About Kodigad:

Kodigad fort, also known as “Koraigad fort”, is a one-day easy trek situated at a distance of 90kms from Pune and located at height of 3,028 feet approximately.

Although the place is known to a few, perfect to go for hiking during light rain. If you move a little ahead of most famous point of Lonavala “Lions Point”, you will find Korigad fort on the way to Aamby valley.

How to reach(from Pune):

Basically, to reach korigad you need to reach Lions point, Lonavala and then move ahead towards Aamby valley until you find a V-shaped road. You will see a direction board showing Korigad on it, go straight on the path for around 12 kms. There is a car parking on the left, you will find a trek to Korigad fort beside the parking area.

Also, you should have your own vehicle as there are very few transportation sources such as shared buses and autos available for the place.

My travel Experience:

We started off at 11 am (a bit late. Hehe actually very late). Nobody woke up as we slept late due to my my birthday bash as I mentioned. We hired a car on rent ( ZoomCar ). We were five people which includes me, Paresh, Nikhil, Rupal and Ruchi. After about an hour, we moved out of city towards Lonavala. It was raining slowly, romantic music in the car. After every 20 mins, I was getting a rose and a tiny letter with something written on it about me (“Love in the air”). I was excited and surprised as I had no idea where we were heading usually my journey is well planned, but honestly I loved this unplanned journey. I was curious to know about the place but nobody told me about it. Still I was happy as I was going on a trip and that too with the best company of friends. Also It is well said:

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

After a while we stopped to have fresh Coconut water ( Rupal being crazy about, nowadays ).


Mostly, when we go on Lonavala route, all the ghats are covered with fog. But this time( due to less rain ), we could see huge lush green valleys reflecting peace. Once we reached Lion’s point, there was huge fog all over the place. It kept becoming dense as we moved towards Aamby Valley road. There were sharp turns and fog, it was a bit difficult to drive as well.

Finally, we reached the base village of Korigad Fort, known as Peth Shahpur village, at 2 pm . We parked our car on the parking provided near a bus stop. It was raining outside. We started wearing the raincoat, kept phones in waterproof cases / covers and good to go now.

Wait a second, there gotta be something tragic(Paresh+Ani = pareshani) with this trip too, right ?  Oh yes, length of my raincoat and end of my hot pants was at a same level. It seemed more like I am 4 year old kid wearing only raincoat and forgot the bottoms. Duh! I realized it later, when all of them teased me. Anyways I was laughing at myself too and yes Rupal was also wearing her “Jhola” ( extra large ) raincoat, ha-ha So I had a company with someone.

It was all muddy as we started trekking and me being extra scared, when it comes to trekking, took every step slowly with everyone’s help. Fortunately,  I have amazing friends.

As we moved ahead, there was this area full of dense black-rooted half cut trees without leaves on them, even on such a green plateau. It looked creepy.


I wanted to go to the loo. Ah, but I couldn’t find any place so there was no option but control. Moving ahead there was one very slippery path where Rupal fell off and 😛 she was not able to get up. Paresh helped her to get up. Then suddenly one uncle came and he fell down at the same place. He was old, so we ran towards him to help. Surprisingly, he denied with a smile and requested, ”Let me do on my own”. I was amazed to see his enthusiasm and positivity.I hope to have such enthusiasm when I am this age.

Pheeewww! finally found a place full of trees and sheds, where I could go for the loo. Rupal waited for me just near the shed and meanwhile, she was jumping in excitement.



As we started moving ahead, there were brambles all over the place, muddy land and it was raining continuously. It is more a jungle trek.

Finally, we found old black-stoned stairs. The stairs are covered with tiny waterfalls.


First you will see a big area where Korai Devi Temple is located. There is a big tree shed and a view point nearby, which has a beautiful view of the valley. We captured some pictures over there.


As we climbed up we found the gate of fort and some caves.


The caves are all dark, filled with water and they are all very creepy. We saw few bones inside some caves. My legs were paining a lot. It felt as if those stairs kept increasing and still no sign of fort.


But you know “To travel means to discover” and suddenly this thought filled me with energy and this time I took a breathe only after reaching on top. The feeling was intense, I was so relaxed and sat on a corner of the plateau, where I could see the whole view of the way through which we came all the way to top.


I could feel the wind on the hair, rain on the face, shivering on the body ( as I was totally wet ) and smell the mist of fog and flowers.

There was a huge plateau on top. It was all covered with mud and tiny yellow flowers.



While I was lost in nature's beauty, my crazy friends were clicking pictures and were enjoying like kids. Ha-ha I just love this picture.


There is also one snack shop on the top.We ordered some food.But the biggest weakness I always find about India is waste materials lying here and there instead of dustbins. I cannot go and ask everyone to keep cleanliness but at least I would really like to request my readers including travellers like me to carry forward my message and put the waste materials in dustbins and if you do not find any dustbin where you ate, please always carry paper bags with you to take the waste and throw it at nearby dustbins/garbage bins available.In short,"Clean India Green India".

Instead of waiting for our order to come we started capturing snaps. Paresh and Nikhil made a crown with those yellow flowers on all of three girls hair. Ha-ha! though It was totally unexpected from them to do such a lovely thing for us. The crowns looked beautiful and so were we. Maybe I am a bit crazy, but these small things make me feel so special and lucky.


Then we had those hot and crispy corn and onion pakodaas were mouth watering with a perfect hot cup of tea.

There is no sign of fort left except some boundaries and a small temple with an idol of Lord Vishnu. We visited the small temple and there we found two cute puppies. I was just looking at them and all of a sudden rupal  started playing with them and fed them with biscuits. And when it comes to puppies, she behaves as if she is their mother and starts caring for them. As it was raining and puppies were shivering, she took them inside her raincoat (as I mentioned previously, extra large in size) and started cuddling them (whispering “ale..le..le”).

There are two ponds just behind the Lord Vishnu temple. I was amazed to see the ponds at such a height and that too on plateau. The water was so pure and clean. I was just gazing at the waves forming in the pond due to rain drops. It was a perfect bliss to eyes to see the serene beauty of nature with layers of fog, water and mud. We spent some hours there and then started returning back capturing beautiful pictures.

IMG_20161002_163156 IMG_20161002_162709

As we moved downstairs, we started singing loudly with full energy. It took only 15 minutes approx to move all the way down. We were just about to reach parking area, Ruchi fell down at one very slippery patch covered with shallow and wet soil.

That’s how our trip ended with lots of memories and a crave to explore next destination.

Points Covered: 

2 Large ponds on the top of beautiful plateau, View of Aamby Valley, Korai Devi temple, Ganesh temple, Lord Vishnu’s Idol, lotus flower, some tiny yellow blossoms and some old creepy caves and few chunks of fort left.

Best route from Pune: Reach Lion's Point Lonavala through expressway and from lion's point go straight upto 13kms till car parking area of Koriagad base village.

Photos taken: 230

Money spent:

  • Car Rent: Rs.3000 included round trip from Pune to Kodigad fort including petrol.

Miscellaneous:Food on the road trip including breakfast, lunch , and dinner: Rs.2000.

Total amount spent: Rs.5000(for 5 people).

See you guys soon with my next travel story.Till then keep exploring love, life, food, and wanderlust.

A trip destined to scuba diving at coral beach with a sight of dolphins

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Tarkarli, a coastal village in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, has state's only scuba diving training centre. The distance between Pune and Tarkarli is 387.8 km. You can choose from three different routes, if its a long vacation you can even stop over.

A long yet wonderful road trip to Tarkarli:

The shortest  route to Tarkarli from Pune would be via Kolhapur - Radhanagari -Dajipur. We decided to have  a road trip to Tarkarli via Konkan enjoying the beauty of forests.

The journey started from Pune around 6 am in the morning just after the day of Holi. We could feel the tranquilized wind of coming summer. We were four friends : Isha, Palash,Paresh and me. Palash was driving and we were enjoying slow music, fresh air and sneaking out of window and enjoying the greenery of Pune.




We took Pune Bangalore highway after 2 hours and then stopped by at a small tea shop for breakfast. And Thanks to Palash's camera, we captured every moment we enjoyed. But of course there was fight as nobody wanted to be behind the scene. We asked chai wale bhaiya to capture one snapshot.




On our half way around 220 kms from Pune,we found farms of beautiful sunflowers. The beauty and charm of those huge yellow flowers was just so natural and irresistible. We immediately parked the car and captured their beauty for our memories. They were as heighted as us.




We took pictures with them in the mid of farms and then on tractors of local people over there.

Thrilling experience with ghost in car:

Approximately when we were left with 60 kms to reach tarkarli around 8pm, We picked up a shortcut from Dajipur. It was a narrow road between forests. The area was a bit creepy, dark , and we could not see even a single person nearby. We could just hear the sound of waves and suddenly we could hear creepy and demonic scream as we hear in horror movies. We got scared and stopped the car and there was silence again. Palash started the car again and we moved for a while and the sound was back again. We were all terrified. After a moment Paresh started laughing. We were all shocked and giving him angry look. Actually Paresh's phone was connected to car as we were playing music through it and that sound was the recorded audio of his flatmate's snoring.Sigh... We took a long breath and laughed so hard. Palash started driving as quick as possible to come out of that creepy area.

Here comes our destination:

Continuing the journey finally we reached our destination at night ( in around 10-11 hours ). After having dinner and relaxing for 1-2 hours at the resort we booked,  we went to nearby beach to chill for sometime.

We spent two nights and a day in Tarkarli. This vacation was full of good as well as bad experiences.

As we were all vegetarian and Tarkarli is a Malvan region which is famous for its seafood, so it was difficult to find good vegetarian food. Also there day to day food is seafood. Somehow we managed to get one restaurant where they also served eatable vegetarian food.

We managed to get a scuba diving trainer's number from the hotel reception and then he pre-booked our tickets for scuba diving for next morning.

Finally,  after returning from beach, we went to sleep and early morning left for scuba diving.

Fresh morning with excitement for beach visit:

The trainer came to pick us up from hotel and then from beach side we went to the Tarkarli fort ( which was in almost center of sea area ) by motor boat.










The smell of sea water and the cold wind in sea's humid was so relaxing. For a while,  I could not even sense if anybody was there. I was lost in the nature enjoying the wind, blue water and gazing at never ending sea shore.

There were ten more people on that boat along with us. The trainer called everyone one after the other and finally our group's turn came. He provided the kit for scuba diving.

Everyone did diving successfully even some of them did not know swimming like me. We do not need to know swimming while scuba diving as the kit contains floater,  life jacket and oxygen cylinder tied to your back with a mouth respirator which contains rubber grips which you have to hold in your jaws and hence you will be able to breath inside sea. To know more about scuba diving you can refer this link

Paresh's Scuba diving experience:

Paresh's experience was pretty good. Let's hear it from him: I was really excited as scuba diving was in my to-do list for so long. As I stepped into sea wearing the kit and I knew swimming,  so I easily went just above the corals. After reaching there,  trainer guided me to breath using mouth respirator and then I started snorkeling and was moving towards the surface under sea. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I felt I was in a different world altogether. There were plenty of Corals, Rock patches and fishes. We were surrounded by beautiful and colorful small fishes, they aren’t harmful and watching them is like a treat to the eyes I found a beautiful pearl oyster but unfortunately it was empty :).  Slowly I moved towards corals and held myself steady with the help of rocks inside water. It was a bit difficult though as the stones had fungi all over,  finally the guide clicked some pictures and videos inside sea and finally after taking a round I reached directly at the base of boat after 40 minutes.


My Unfortunate Experience:

Unfortunately,  I could not complete it successfully like Paresh and others did.

I have hydrophobia and apart from that I could not hold the mouth respirator properly even the trainer guided me. I was not able to hold the grip as I was scared. So saline water was going inside my mouth and unfortunately I had to come out.

Everyone in my group did it except me,  I was really disappointed with myself. But this is not the end of life. I will definitely try some other time.


Trip continues..

Then after scuba diving.We dived into sea taking tubes and enjoyed the sea water.


Paresh is pretty good at swimming,  he was enjoying more than any of us, lying and relaxing on the water surface as if it was his bed. I could not stop myself from capturing that moment when he was overjoyed.



Finally we returned back around noon,  and went to explore places all around Tarkarli to have good vegetarian food which was very difficult to get.

About MTDC Resort in Tarkarli:

It is recommended to choose the Home-stays close to MTDC Resort Tarkarli which is sort of junction between Tarkarli and Devbaug. Although we went on a long weekend and the trip was unplanned, we could not get any accommodation over there and had to stay near malvan beach. Distance between Malvan and Tarkarli is 7 km. Resort MTDC is consider as end point of Tarkarli.

we went for lunch at MTDC resort, they have a good restaurant. As we went inside the entrance,  it was beautiful, located at beach side,  small wood huts just to relax and enjoy the sea view. The whole Tarkarli beach was connected parallely behind the resort.


Rusty orange sky touching the blue water:

We went for water sports near the beach and finally came back to our hotel after enjoying the sunset.


Its just perfect when you can see the sunset without any obstacles coming in between the view as if sun is hiding itself in the sea and making the sky rusty orange.


Oops I still can picture it but that's too much to digest for my readers.

Next day morning we left from Tarkarli. So here the journey ends at Tarkarli.

Places Visited: 4

Malvan beach, Tarkarli beach, Sindhudurg fort, MTDC resort.

Best route from Pune: NH4( National Highway 4 )  to Kolhapur and from Kolhapur join Radhanagar forest road,which is little creepy but full of greenery and amazing views.

Photos taken: 1100

Money spent:

  1. Accommodation: Resort charges for 1 big room for 2 nights and 1 day was Rs.5000 as it was peak time after holi.
  2. Car Rent: Rs.13,000 included round trip from Pune to Tarkarli including petrol.
  3. Food: Rs: 3500
  4. Activities:
    • Water sports: Rs. 300 per person.
    • Scuba diving and snorkeling : Rs. 750 per person.
  5. Miscellaneous:
    • Food on the road trip including breakfast, lunch and snacks: Rs. 3000.
    • Shopping of Hat and Tiaras: Rs. 500

Total amount spent: Rs.30,000

For more of our travelling experiences and if you have craving to explore new places, please keep in touch and share your experiences here.