A story untold: Purest bond of love – Raksha Bandhan

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On the upcoming occasion of Rakshabandhan

When we talk about Indian culture, festivals have always enlightened our lives no matter what we are going through in life. Raksha Bandhan is the occasion that nurtures the bond between a brother and sister. As we all know, we celebrate the festival with our siblings and families.

Raksha Bandhan is nearby and on this beautiful occasion of bond formation, let’s nourish our brother-sister relationship.

What can be the most precious gift than opening your heart out and let your brother or sister know how much you love them.

Nine years back when I first started using the internet, I met someone really special.

I was in 12th standard. He stepped into my life when I was heading towards my aspirations.

He came to my life like an angel. Not a fictional angel with wings but the real life angel.

No, he is not a friend or boyfriend but my brother. I did not have any intention to have one more brother when I already had two siblings, and neither did he. But our bond turned out to be that way by itself.  The brother by heart, a relationship more special than a blood relationship. He turned out to be my savior, my inspiration.

 I did not meet him even once, years passed by, yet he was the one major hand behind every step I took. He advised me on every major situation whether it was about handling teenage relationships or pursuing my career choosing the best opportunity available. Not only that, he is the one who enlightened me that God resides within us. We need to believe ourselves to believe in God.

And now, when I look back to those years, I find a successful me. And, he was always the one who made me believe in myself.

When I met him online, he was pursuing Bachelor of Engineering and now, he is the founder of most inspiring global platform for women.

He highlights and encourages all the inspiring women who chase their dreams.

His platform is indeed an inspiration to me and all the women out there to achieve something big and stand out in the crowd.

Proud to have a brother like him. And, this article is just to a token to tell him How much I appreciate and proud to have him as my brother.

I love you brother. 🙂

Everyone has a story untold. This is mine, would like to share yours?

Drop a comment below or contact me here to share your stories with Crave to Explore.

Enjoy the delightful festival of love. Happy Rakshabandhan!!


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