Best places to eat in Pune: Restaurants, Street Food Shops, Bars, Cafes

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Must visit places to eat in Pune

Well! Hello Food Lovers,

Sometimes we just crave to have delicious mouth-watering food with no importance for ambience, Sometimes you all need is romantic ambience to take your special once and have quality time and most of the times you need both good food and perfect ambience. Being North Indian I find it very difficult when I crave for spicy and yummy North Indian food in Pune. There are many good places to eat in Pune that can at least help to relax your cravings

Here I have shared all the best places to eat in Pune: Restaurant, Street Food, Bar, Cafe and Lounge. Not only that but their specialty and my experiences over there. Fortunately or Unfortunately I am vegetarian, so most of the specifications will be about vegetarian food. But I will try and gather reviews from my friends who love to explore non-vegetarian food as well.

Story behind the blog:

When I told my friends I am going to write about yummy food serving joints in Pune. They all got pretty excited and gave a large number of suggestions. So obviously these are the ones most filtered.

Chaitanya Parathas:

Although there is no comparison with special Punjabi parathas and our Capital’s famous “Paranthe wali Gali” (Parantha street) at Chandni chawk, Delhi, but yes when you are in Pune, this is the most suitable place to go for desi style stuffed paranthas along with delicious flavoured lassi.They offer a wide range of stuffed paranthas and flavoured lassi in jumbo glasses.My favourite is Aloo-Onion Parantha along with Mango Lassi. For Paranthas, this is the must visit restaurant in Pune

Location: You will find their branches at almost all famous spots of Pune, Some of them:
FC Road, Viman nagar behind Phoenix Mall, Kharadi, Kothrud(near new Reliance Mall) and Baner.

The Paratha House, Destination Center, Magarpatta City:

They serve varieties of paranthas with unique names. If you haven’t been to this place, you must visit once. Specially their Italian and cheese filled (named as chillie millie) Paranthas are mouth-watering served with pudina chutney, boondi/vegetable raita and pickle. One of the best places to have yummy buttery Paranthas.

Gol Gappe(Pani Poori): Delhi Style Gol Gappe in Pune

When it comes to Pani Poori, every region has its own variation. But I being from North India love the most spicy delhi-style gol gappe served with filling of mashed potatoes, onion and chickpeas and ice-cold water. Pune also has some places which serve these kind of Gol Gappe.
1. Ganesh Bhel, Pimple Saudagar( along with its delicious servings and water, its speciality is pani puri water made using mineral water)
2. Pyare Pani Puri(a small stall with no board), Near Delhi Chaat, Destination Center, Magarpatta City
3. Lane 7 Koregaon Park, opposite to Subway(It’s the only small stall with no board)

Cream Corner, Pune:

It’s a famous fast food joint. Noodles, Pav Bhaji, Sandwhiches, Veg Crispy etc are all good in taste and available at very affordable price. Veg crispy is their speciality.

1. Kalyani nagar near Big Cinemas, Pune
2. Camp, Pune

 Menchie’s Frozen yogurt, Koregaon Park, Pune:

This place in Koregaon Park Pune is a must visit if you have sweet cravings and with sweet and delightful aura.I loved their self-serving system and pay according to weight. They have yogurts enriched with different flavours, with a variety of toppings and sauces. You can visit any time and I would suggest you to go after dinner and enjoy the desert over there, it is open till 11:45 pm all days.

Location: Lane-6 Koregaon Park, Pune. 

Burger, East Street, Pune:

This is a very old and famous burger joint in Pune started before 20 years, previously known as Burger ‘King’ (not the new ‘Burger king’). They named it as burger ‘king’ because they offer a Jumbo size burger (with fresh bun baked by themselves) and that too in a very low price but yes they only accept cash. People say that they serve the same taste as they used to serve before years. I had a potato cheese burger and my friend had chicken burger (which is more famous here), it was huge but I being a burger lover tried my best and finished it and I was more than full. But It’s freshness and taste is heavenly.

1. Phul Gate, Opposite Talwarkars, Off East Street, Camp, East Street, Pune
2. Mundhwa Koregaon Park Road near High Spirits.

Satguru’s Punjabi Rasoi:

It’s a good restaurant in Pune famous for its dishes with typical Punjabi taste. If you like spicy and tasty food, it’s a must go place to have proper lunch/dinner. For vegetarians, garlic naan and Paneer Kadhai is their speciality and for non-vegetarians, you need to go and try out 

Location: There are many branches of their restaurant which you can easily find on Google Map but I personally prefer the one in Destination Center, Magarpatta.


The flour works, Kalyani Nagar:

I would recommend this as the place for brunch. If you just need to hangout with friends or just need a cup of coffee and a soothing ambience, it’s a must visit place. The place used to be a small bakery initially for serving fresh buns, breads etc and then gradually they opened a café. They serve pies, cup-cakes and many more mouth-watering deserts. They also serve good food and drinks.

Location: Commercial 3, Nirvana, North Avenue, Between Jogger's Park and ICICI Bank, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Red Chilllies, Kharadi:

Decent ambience and great food. I have been there many times when I want to have spicy and delicious food with proper flavours of spices and I look for affordable yet allegant places to eat in Pune, Red chillies is one such place. They have moderate prices and there are varieties of dishes available which is rare in vegetarian food. I recommend to have hara bhara kebab and their red chillies special veg masala. They also serve spicy non vegetarian food which you can go and try out and let me know the reviews too. It would be helpful for other readers here

Location: Parmar Square, Kharadi, Pune

Spice Factory, Kharadi:

This bar and restaurant in Pune is a must visit and one of the best places to go with friends especially if you like authentic Bollywood music or good old evergreen Bollywood songs. On Fridays, they have a live band too. Its décor makes you go again and again. I love the sarcastic quotes they have on the walls of stairs about all the alcoholic beverages. You can also create memories by asking their photographer (and that too free) to click your picture which they later publish on their facebook page.
The Place is mostly crowded, so always book a table in advance or else you will have to wait 15-20 minutes to get the table. Rest all is good enough, Food, drinks and ambience, to go at this place again and again.

Location: Goodwill Landmarks, 3rd Floor, Kharadi, Pune

Café F.R.N.D.S, Kothrud:

It is a small café started recently based on the theme of most favourite series of almost all the people “FRIENDS”. It has a perfect ambience. As it has started recently not all the items in the menu are available but yes! You can create memories by clicking pictures with your friends at scene of your favourite show.

Location: Chaitanya Nagar, Kothrud, Pune



Vada Pav at J.J. Garden Pav Center:

Its a simple Maharashtrian dish made of spiced potato-patty(Vada) covered inside Pav(bread roll), served with fried salted green-chillies and garlic-peanut chutney. You may find it at many places in all the cities or villages in Maharashtra as it is very common and affordable dish. I have had it at many places while I wander around in or near Pune but J.J. Garden’s vada pav is the best one with their amazing chutney. It’s a small street shop at MG Road.

Location: J.J. Garden Vada Pav Center, MG Road, Pune


New Poona Cold Drinks (“Duns Dairy”), MG Road:

It is a very small old café/dairy and they serve delicious ice cream faluda, kulfi, mastani in different flavours. And most importantly it is easy on pocket along with taste. If you have sweet tooth you must visit this place. Their mastani and Faluda are delicious.

Location: RS Kedari Road, Off MG Road, Camp Area, Pune


Idlicious, Baner:

They serve one of the best South Indian food in Pune. If you are tired of having that Marathi style sweet and red sambhar, you must go for this place. They serve mouth-watering sambhar along with two chutneys. You can totally satisfy your cravings for good south indian dishes. The place is decent and simple located in a complex and is pocket friendly too.

Location: Shroff Suyesh Building, Balewadi Phata, Baner, Pune


Café Uniq Aroma, Nigdi:

It is more of a teenage/college hangout place with some music in background. They also have guitar which you can grab and play it. I had hazelnut frappe which is luscious. They serve varieties of coffee, shakes and sandwiches in pocket friendly prices.

Location: Sunscape Apartments, Pradhikaran, Nigdi, Pune


Idli Sambhar Tapri, Dange Chowk:

It is a small hut (tapri) located infront of Hotel Regent at Dange Chowk. They serve fresh soft Idli with tasty and spicy sambhar. It opens only for 2-3 hours in morning starting from 8am.


11 East Street Café, East Street, Pune:

It is a themed restaurant which is a replica of the famous London Street. The place has a bus at the entrance and the place shows the view of streets of London. They have a special tradition that if you order any desert, you can only have it by sitting inside this beautiful red bus. I went there with my girlfriends (although the place gives romantic vibes so you can also go with your partner) at this place and everything we ordered was delicious Pink sauce pasta, lasagna, cheese balls and some desserts.

Location: East Street, Camp, Virwani Plaza, Pune


Marz O Rin, Pune:

The place is an ancient eatery and perfectly fit when you are tired of shopping in streets of MG Road and want to grab quick bites. The place is pocket friendly. They serve various juices but the mango juice is their specialty. Apart from that they offer varieties of sandwiches, cookies, burger, bun-maska and much more.

Location: Bakthiar Plaza, Camp, MG Road, Pune


Husseny Bakery, Camp:

Its pune’s oldest Irani Bakery started in 1914 run by Dr. Irani and his family since years. They serve Irani naan, plum cakes, lamington cakes, khari and freshly prepared Pizza base.

Location: Taboot Street, Camp Area, Pune


Gujar Mastani House, Budhwar Peth:

They started in 1995 also known as Gujjar Cold drink house. This place gives you feel of old days and childhood for 90’s kids with old wooden chair, tables and people here love to share their old stories how they started and all. They serve glass full of luscious mastan. They have varieties of mastani like mango mastani and they have the famous Bajirao Mastani too. Kulfi here is also must try dessert.

Location: Behind City Post, Budhwar Peth , Pune


Smiley House, Aundh:

It is a first Vietnamese café/restaurant in Pune. The décor is cute, happy with Chinese lantern and cute cushions. Their specialties are noodle soup, Vietnam coffee, fried spring rolls. Along with that they serve a wide variety of Vietnamese food. Including various rice dishes.

Location: Near Midpoint Hospital, Aundh, Pune


And the list goes on…

Phew! I am tired and hungry now. I am going to go for some of these places… Till then read it out and go and grab your appetite. Will be back soon with some more eateries in Pune.

Also If you are eager to know more about these places, you can always reach out to us here

Keep Exploring 🙂

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A trip destined to scuba diving at coral beach with a sight of dolphins

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Tarkarli, a coastal village in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, has state's only scuba diving training centre. The distance between Pune and Tarkarli is 387.8 km. You can choose from three different routes, if its a long vacation you can even stop over.

A long yet wonderful road trip to Tarkarli:

The shortest  route to Tarkarli from Pune would be via Kolhapur - Radhanagari -Dajipur. We decided to have  a road trip to Tarkarli via Konkan enjoying the beauty of forests.

The journey started from Pune around 6 am in the morning just after the day of Holi. We could feel the tranquilized wind of coming summer. We were four friends : Isha, Palash,Paresh and me. Palash was driving and we were enjoying slow music, fresh air and sneaking out of window and enjoying the greenery of Pune.




We took Pune Bangalore highway after 2 hours and then stopped by at a small tea shop for breakfast. And Thanks to Palash's camera, we captured every moment we enjoyed. But of course there was fight as nobody wanted to be behind the scene. We asked chai wale bhaiya to capture one snapshot.




On our half way around 220 kms from Pune,we found farms of beautiful sunflowers. The beauty and charm of those huge yellow flowers was just so natural and irresistible. We immediately parked the car and captured their beauty for our memories. They were as heighted as us.




We took pictures with them in the mid of farms and then on tractors of local people over there.

Thrilling experience with ghost in car:

Approximately when we were left with 60 kms to reach tarkarli around 8pm, We picked up a shortcut from Dajipur. It was a narrow road between forests. The area was a bit creepy, dark , and we could not see even a single person nearby. We could just hear the sound of waves and suddenly we could hear creepy and demonic scream as we hear in horror movies. We got scared and stopped the car and there was silence again. Palash started the car again and we moved for a while and the sound was back again. We were all terrified. After a moment Paresh started laughing. We were all shocked and giving him angry look. Actually Paresh's phone was connected to car as we were playing music through it and that sound was the recorded audio of his flatmate's snoring.Sigh... We took a long breath and laughed so hard. Palash started driving as quick as possible to come out of that creepy area.

Here comes our destination:

Continuing the journey finally we reached our destination at night ( in around 10-11 hours ). After having dinner and relaxing for 1-2 hours at the resort we booked,  we went to nearby beach to chill for sometime.

We spent two nights and a day in Tarkarli. This vacation was full of good as well as bad experiences.

As we were all vegetarian and Tarkarli is a Malvan region which is famous for its seafood, so it was difficult to find good vegetarian food. Also there day to day food is seafood. Somehow we managed to get one restaurant where they also served eatable vegetarian food.

We managed to get a scuba diving trainer's number from the hotel reception and then he pre-booked our tickets for scuba diving for next morning.

Finally,  after returning from beach, we went to sleep and early morning left for scuba diving.

Fresh morning with excitement for beach visit:

The trainer came to pick us up from hotel and then from beach side we went to the Tarkarli fort ( which was in almost center of sea area ) by motor boat.










The smell of sea water and the cold wind in sea's humid was so relaxing. For a while,  I could not even sense if anybody was there. I was lost in the nature enjoying the wind, blue water and gazing at never ending sea shore.

There were ten more people on that boat along with us. The trainer called everyone one after the other and finally our group's turn came. He provided the kit for scuba diving.

Everyone did diving successfully even some of them did not know swimming like me. We do not need to know swimming while scuba diving as the kit contains floater,  life jacket and oxygen cylinder tied to your back with a mouth respirator which contains rubber grips which you have to hold in your jaws and hence you will be able to breath inside sea. To know more about scuba diving you can refer this link

Paresh's Scuba diving experience:

Paresh's experience was pretty good. Let's hear it from him: I was really excited as scuba diving was in my to-do list for so long. As I stepped into sea wearing the kit and I knew swimming,  so I easily went just above the corals. After reaching there,  trainer guided me to breath using mouth respirator and then I started snorkeling and was moving towards the surface under sea. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I felt I was in a different world altogether. There were plenty of Corals, Rock patches and fishes. We were surrounded by beautiful and colorful small fishes, they aren’t harmful and watching them is like a treat to the eyes I found a beautiful pearl oyster but unfortunately it was empty :).  Slowly I moved towards corals and held myself steady with the help of rocks inside water. It was a bit difficult though as the stones had fungi all over,  finally the guide clicked some pictures and videos inside sea and finally after taking a round I reached directly at the base of boat after 40 minutes.


My Unfortunate Experience:

Unfortunately,  I could not complete it successfully like Paresh and others did.

I have hydrophobia and apart from that I could not hold the mouth respirator properly even the trainer guided me. I was not able to hold the grip as I was scared. So saline water was going inside my mouth and unfortunately I had to come out.

Everyone in my group did it except me,  I was really disappointed with myself. But this is not the end of life. I will definitely try some other time.


Trip continues..

Then after scuba diving.We dived into sea taking tubes and enjoyed the sea water.


Paresh is pretty good at swimming,  he was enjoying more than any of us, lying and relaxing on the water surface as if it was his bed. I could not stop myself from capturing that moment when he was overjoyed.



Finally we returned back around noon,  and went to explore places all around Tarkarli to have good vegetarian food which was very difficult to get.

About MTDC Resort in Tarkarli:

It is recommended to choose the Home-stays close to MTDC Resort Tarkarli which is sort of junction between Tarkarli and Devbaug. Although we went on a long weekend and the trip was unplanned, we could not get any accommodation over there and had to stay near malvan beach. Distance between Malvan and Tarkarli is 7 km. Resort MTDC is consider as end point of Tarkarli.

we went for lunch at MTDC resort, they have a good restaurant. As we went inside the entrance,  it was beautiful, located at beach side,  small wood huts just to relax and enjoy the sea view. The whole Tarkarli beach was connected parallely behind the resort.


Rusty orange sky touching the blue water:

We went for water sports near the beach and finally came back to our hotel after enjoying the sunset.


Its just perfect when you can see the sunset without any obstacles coming in between the view as if sun is hiding itself in the sea and making the sky rusty orange.


Oops I still can picture it but that's too much to digest for my readers.

Next day morning we left from Tarkarli. So here the journey ends at Tarkarli.

Places Visited: 4

Malvan beach, Tarkarli beach, Sindhudurg fort, MTDC resort.

Best route from Pune: NH4( National Highway 4 )  to Kolhapur and from Kolhapur join Radhanagar forest road,which is little creepy but full of greenery and amazing views.

Photos taken: 1100

Money spent:

  1. Accommodation: Resort charges for 1 big room for 2 nights and 1 day was Rs.5000 as it was peak time after holi.
  2. Car Rent: Rs.13,000 included round trip from Pune to Tarkarli including petrol.
  3. Food: Rs: 3500
  4. Activities:
    • Water sports: Rs. 300 per person.
    • Scuba diving and snorkeling : Rs. 750 per person.
  5. Miscellaneous:
    • Food on the road trip including breakfast, lunch and snacks: Rs. 3000.
    • Shopping of Hat and Tiaras: Rs. 500

Total amount spent: Rs.30,000

For more of our travelling experiences and if you have craving to explore new places, please keep in touch and share your experiences here.