Are Indian women really independent? or “In- Dependent” ?

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All her surroundings are filled with people getting hitched, girls being pressurized to get married soon by emotional blackmail of parents. Some are still bounded to think as their parents want them to think, they cannot go out late night with girls to party out but yes they can go for work late night. Why? Not because she will be unsafe but because “Log kya kahege”. Yes the same people who always come to know about a girl before her parents know about anything. These girls cannot ask their parents to go out on a trip with male friends even if they want to and they know they are secure. Even if they try to make their parents understand what they get in return is , “You are a girl and you need to be careful”. But yes you need to get married to a total strange guy and go with him anywhere. Oh yes! Arghhh! Now the girl is safe and yes now she has married to a bodyguard who is not a normal male. And above all, these are the same girls who are working far from their home but yes I won’t call them independent at all.
I read some where,

Education is the tool that can help break the pattern of gender discrimination and bring lasting change for women in developing countries.

I do not know about other countries but definitely India needs to adapt more than that.The fear of their parents and society has always made them weak and dependent. They somehow managed to get out of their parent’s home and create good career. But their life is still bounded.The job is a bribe to them to say “Yes my parents do not distinguish male and female”. But the reality is different in most of the cases. A girl has to marry at 23 even that is also too late but a guy can marry whenever he wants to. I feel sad for those girls who cannot fight it even after earning and becoming successful in their career and I feel sad for those parents who are still living with old mindset when females used to cook food and stay at home and they had nothing to do except marry a guy and cook at his home. And above all these things, In some parts of India, it's traditional to greet a family with a newborn girl by saying, "The servant of your household has been born."

But this does not make all indian females dependent. She also knows few real independent females too. But "few" is not enough to make all Indian women independent.

Somewhere in some corner India is growing gradually. Many girls are lucky enough to have parents like she has. She is also an independent girl. Oh yes here independent does not mean the one I mentioned above. She is really independent because her parents think she is independent. She has enough courage to fight with the world no matter what the situation is. She is independent because her parents trust in her will because they do not distinguish a guy and a girl. They do not distinguish between their son and daughter. They treat both equally. They give her the freedom to do what she wants in her life. They do not force her to get married at specific age but when she is actually ready to live with a life partner. They are a bit concerned but not worried to let their girl travel alone at night. They believe in her will and her decisions. They are also Indian parents belong to a middle class family. If they can have enough courage to let their girl become independent , why not others?