Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh – Sangla | Chitkul | Kalpa

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Delhi to Sangla Valley and Chitkul - Tragic but totally worth it!

Our trip to Kinnaur Valley started with the tragedies of metro train breakdown in Delhi. Moving ahead, our bus (Delhi to Shimla) broke down just before 80kms before Shimla. After waiting for two hours, we finally got a lift from a person traveling from Chandigarh to Shimla. We were already running quite late.

Taking a shortstop in between to get fresh, finally, we reached Shimla after 4 hours at 1 pm.Not delaying any further we quickly had lunch in Shimla, called the taxi we booked online and left from Shimla at 2:30 pm.

After a beautiful yet tiring road trip, we reached Jeori at around 7 pm. I was not left with any energy to travel any further. We stopped at various points to enjoy the scenic beauty of huge valleys and river Sutlej.

But the whole journey was through the valleys and all round and round, motion sickness took over me. I became so frustrated that I thought of returning back to home for a while but then my desire to explore took over my frustration.

We took a hotel at Jeori. It was well maintained and a good hotel with an amazing view of mountains. There were only 2-3 hotels in Jeori. Though the hotel was a bit costly then after convincing a lot he agreed with a fair price of INR. 1200 for a night for one room.

We visited a beautiful temple near our hotel.

Temple at Jeori
On the way to Sangla Valley


There was also a hot water spring just in front of the temple. We visited the temple and then sat near the hot water spring putting our legs in the hot water. It was such a bliss. After half an hour, we came out. Surprisingly, there was no one on the road and even lights also became dim, so we preferred to be on safer side and returned back to the hotel. After a deep sleep of 8 hours, we left from Jeori at around 7 am in the morning.

In around an hour, we reached a village where we had breakfast of Aloo Paranthas and butter at a small Dhaba. A Nepali family of 2 sisters and their parents ran the Dhaba. I was amazed by the beauty and cuteness of the Nepali girl who served the breakfast. I had a small talk with her and then I asked her if she would like a picture with me.

She agreed with a cute smile and tiny eyes, which reminded me of Paresh Ha-ha… He looks exactly same even though he is not Nepali. The girl was really sweet. She wished us happy journey for the trip ahead when we left.

The journey from Jeori to Sangla took around 4 hours including a break of half an hour for breakfast.

Trip Itinerary - Sangla Valley, Chitkul, Kalpa - Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

Day 1 - Sangla Valley, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

Read more about my trip from Shimla to Sangla Valley – places to visit and stay in Sangla Valley.

Day 2 - Chitkul and Rakcham, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

Read more about the trip from Sangla Valley to Chitkul here. I have created a complete detailed blog post for you based on my experience at Chitkul; Be it the beautiful stay in the tents of this village located near Indo-Tibetan border, unexplored café near river Satluj, forming through glaciers and various beautiful monasteries (Buddhist Temple).

Day 3 and 4 - Reckong Peo and Kalpa, Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh

Reckong Peo located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh and Kalpa – the village where the major part of Bollywood movie “Highway” – starring Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda was shooted and you get a beautiful glimpse of Kinnaur Kailash view from Kalpa. Read more about the complete journey and must visit places in Kalpa(Coming Soon).

I always believe:

           "Once a year, go someplace you have never been before"

Do you still have any questions? Need any help to plan? Loved the article?

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Till then...

Keep Exploring 🙂

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Trip to Sangla Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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Sangla Valley, a small yet beautiful village located in the Kinnaur valley. It is also known as Baspa Valley as the Baspa river flows through the valley. You can see a lot of apple farms all around the village. People here are very nice and have a big heart.

Places to stay in Sangla Valley

Sangla was very raw and there were hardly any places to stay before but now there are a lot of hotels. These are some hotels to stay in Sangla Valley - Hotel  Apple Pie, Hotel Royal Castle, Rupin River View, Hotel Rolling Rang and more.

Sangla Valley
Sangla Valley - Hotel is just behind me 

I took a hotel at Sangla at a very cheap price. The hotel was not luxurious but had an amazing view of the Himalayan peaks from the window and we got all the basic utilities including hot water geyser.

Personal Suggestion: If you’re looking for a budget trip, book hotels on the spot. You will easily find a good hotel room in Rs. 600-700 only.

Did I forget to mention?

Weather at Sangla Valley was very cold even in the month of June. Even there was snow all over the peaks during the night but at daytime, there was a mild sunlight but still cold enough to wear a jacket. The best months to visit Sangla Valley are April to October.

Though there is not much to visit in the village, the raw beauty of village makes you fall in love with the place. No hustle-bustle, no traffic, no pollution, the place is full of natural beauty and peace.

We checked into the hotel and left for some of the must-visit places in Sangla Valley.

Best places to visit in Sangla Valley

Kamru Fort is the oldest fort in Himachal Pradesh is located at a peak over the altitude of 2600 meter above sea level. You can either cover the 2km distance from Sangla Valley by car, but I would suggest you walk through the steep village and explore the beautiful Sangla Meadows.

On the way to Kamru Fort, Sangla Valley
On the way to Kamru Fort, Sangla Valley

We found a lot of Apple and Apricot farms our way to Kamru fort.

Sangla Valley - Raw Apples
Raw Apples
Sangla Valley - Apricot trees
Apricot Tree

After reaching 1km, I was completely exhausted and Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) took me. No matter how hard I tried, I could not move a bit more until I threw up.  But when we reached the top visiting the beautiful Kamakshi Devi Temple on the way, the feeling was an achievement.

Kamakshi Devi Temple
Kamakshi Devi Temple

It was ecstatic to see the complete view of beautiful Sangla village from the top.

Sangla Valley - View from the Kamru Fort
View from the Kamru Fort

The beautiful Himachali lady was guarding the temple.

She was old but energetic. When I asked her how she manages to come daily to the fort and leave to her place, she mentioned she comes in the Dev Palki – a traditional Himachal hammock which carries their Dev(God)  that comes in the morning for worship and in the evening she leaves on her own.

The entrance gate was huge and heavy – made of iron and Tibetan wood.

The fort is 800 years old and is known for housing the Kamakshi Devi Temple that came before Kamru Fort.

There was also Tibetan Wood Carving Center on the way.

Tibetan wood Carving Center( hehe... welcomed by Gau Mata)

The most important thing to be noted is that the whole fort is made of either Tibetan wood or black mountain stones.

Kamru Fort, Sangla Valley

Sangla Valley

Next, I visited the famous Bering Nag Temple in Sangla.

The place is a must visit for its wonderful architecture and location at the bank of Baspa River. The temple can be reached through the stairs that go straight from the Sangla village market to the bank of Baspa River. The architecture of this temple will definitely leave you in awe.

Some really nice Himachali people I met on the way

Food and Shopping at Sangla Valley

Coming to the food and shopping, since it is a small village you’ll find limited options for food and basic shopping. There is a bridge that leads to the main market area of Sangla where you will find small Chinese restaurants and cafes. At most of the places, you’ll find Momos, Thukpa, and Noodles. If you need proper Indian food, inform your hotel in advance, they’ll get it cooked for you. Make sure you reach back your hotel by 7 pm, as it is always cloudy and the sun sets very soon due to high mountains covering the village.

Sangla Valley

And, this is how my one day at serene and calm Sangla Valley came to an end. I spent some time in the lap of nature at night and after a good night sleep, we left for Chitkul next day.

Read more about Chitkul – the last village located at Indo-Tibetan and Indo-China border in my next post at Crave to Explore.

I always believe:

           "Once a year, go someplace you have never been before"

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Till then...

Keep Exploring 🙂

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The must visit place near Kasol: Tosh Village, Himachal Pradesh

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The top most village with an incredible view of Parvati Valley.

Tosh is the top most and probably the last village connected to the end of Parvati Valley. It lies at the height of around 7900 feet. If you are visiting Kasol then going for a trek to Tosh village is one of the most required things to do in Kasol.

Mostly Europeans and Israelis come to visit tosh to enjoy fresh Marijuana. But I would recommend everyone to visit Tosh if you are truly a nature lover and enjoy spending time with locals.

Kasol to Tosh

Starting early in the morning, we took a bus of 8 am from Kasol to Manikaran. And from Manikaran we changed the bus for Barshaini.

The whole bus journey to Barshaini was quite an adventure. The bus was continuously going up through the steep and narrow patch. While one side was covered with mountains the other side had a huge deep valley. As we moved up, we could see the distance covered lagging behind. The view was incredible with the deep valley, lush green mountains, ripples of water on the tree leaves, snow clad mountains far from the valley, and at the extreme bottom... river flowing with crystal clear water making the stones on the surface visible even from such a height. The bus was running with full speed on narrow patches and turns. Hardly able to stay stable in my seat, I was trying my best to take a click of the view.

For around fifteen minutes, altitude sickness took over me. Poof! It was all ignorant when I stepped out of the bus and glared the view. A light rain was pouring down. We had a tea and glucose biscuits and then we left for the trek.

Ways to Trek to Tosh

There are two ways to trek till Tosh Village. Either you can go by the shortcut from the unpaved way through mountains which will have its own adventure or you can take the main road which will provide you the view of the valley on the whole way to Tosh. You can either go by walk which would take around half an hour or you can take a taxi directly starting from Kasol which will take you to Tosh.

I would suggest you trek yourself rather than taking the taxi to take the most of your trip.

Destination it is…

We reached in an hour to Tosh capturing a lot of pictures and playing with the snow in midways.

As we climbed up, a light snowfall started making the weather more cold and beautiful. As I was wearing a dark colored jacket, the white shining snow was clearly visible on it and in my hair.

Although we had a full day at Solang Valley in the snow, this experience of snowfall was mesmerizing. It’s a raw beauty of India with no commercialization. There was hardly any tourist apart from 3-4 groups of hikers.

As we reached the Tosh village parking area, there was a wooden bridge that we had to cross to reach inside the Tosh village.

The more I moved forward, the more I fell in love with the place.

Pink Floyd Cafe and Hill Top Cafe

Though both of these are simple but located on the corner of the hill gives you the beautiful view of Parvati Valley.

Local people have created these beautiful hillside homestays for tourists. We went to the Hill Top Café.

They provide clean, fresh and tasty food in extremely low price. From the balcony or rooftop of these home stays, you can view the snow-capped mesmerizing mountains and the huge valley. We ate like hungry monkeys.

We spent half of our time playing with cute, innocent and beautiful Himachal kids and then enjoyed photography on the roof top. Paresh and one of my friend were so involved in teaching the symbol of their favorite “Yo” to those little kids. Though the little kids hardly could make it with their little fingers they were happy and enjoying a lot, which made us even happier.

Farewell to the beauty of nature

We stayed there for around 2-3 hours. We could spend more time without thinking but due to lack of time left for the trip and our pre-bookings made at Kasol, we had to say goodbye to such a heavenly beauty of nature.

While returning, we took the unpaved adventurous way to return back to the base village. There we had a tea at the small tapir nearby and then we took the next bus back to Kasol.

Budget required

Well! Technically we spent hardly 1000 bucks which included bus fare, breakfast, lunch, and tea for four people.

So if you are visiting Kasol, Kullu and Manali, you hardly need a budget to visit such a beautiful place.

Personal Recommendation

Planning to visit Tosh Village?

You can go ahead and follow my plan but take one more day with you so that you’ll get to spend a night on those hill sided home stays. The village is free from pollution and crowd.

Nothing can give you more pleasure than lying in the lap of nature far away from the cacophony of this fast world and gazing at the twinkling shiny stars clearly visible without any layer of pollution hiding them. You can easily get a room in just Rs.300 to Rs.400.

Let's see where our destiny takes us next. Moreover, I always believe:

           "Once a year, go someplace you have never been before"

Do you still have any questions? Need any help to plan? Loved the article?

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Till then...

Keep Exploring 🙂

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