Most romantic places in the World: Travel and Pleasure

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Some of the most romantic places to woo your loved ones: Every day is a honeymoon, you just need Romance in vibes

They say, Together is a wonderful place to be. Well, Obviously no doubt on that.

But, wouldn’t it be marvelous if it’s ‘Together’ at the most romantic places in the world.

Here I have gathered the top 10 best places around the world for romance and wooing your loved ones.

Santorini, Greece

It is very well tagged as a princess of Greek Island. Beautiful white washed villages—with blue windows--lying on the cliffs, located on the blue ocean. The place is as romantic as a fairy tale. Santorini has always attracted visitors with its charm.

Santorini offers a pleasant weather the entire year. I would suggest you to visit during the off season to avoid the busy Santorini holidays.

Things to do in Santorini

This romantic Greek island offers you a lot many options to discover with your partner. Romantic narrow streets, restaurants, bar, and all the surroundings covered with white houses with blue windows makes the village appear as a beautiful Sea with blue water white sky.

There is a 300 meter long ropeway which gives you the tour to beautiful landscapes of Santorini wherein you can see the edge of a volcano formation. Santorini Island, also known as, Thira, is the only place where you can still experience the view of active volcano.

Explore Fira and Oia, though they are expensive but most beautiful Islands in the world. If time permits you can also visit the famous Red Beach located at a distance of 12 kilometers from Fira. Romantic sunsets at this Greek Island forms a cheery on the top of your romance.

Mystic Hotel gives you the best stay with its location at a top of a cliff. It gives you the majestic view of the sea in a complete isolation. The hotel offers a white-washed cave style honeymoon suite with a private terrace.

Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

No doubt the entire Sweden has romance in the air but Jukkasjarvi is just mesmerizing places to stay, located at 200km north of Arctic Circle. The Swedish ice hotel is a must to spend your honeymoon. A very cost effective and worthy place to have a unique and most alluring experience with your love. The uniqueness of this hotel is that, it is built each year all fresh. It melts every spring and then built again in winters by sculptors. Not only that, it offers all the luxuries a well maintained hotel provides: honeymoon suite, sauna bath, and also luxury suites.

Things to do in Sweden, Jukkasjärvi

A perfect spot to take your companion here. It is even a best spot to get married. The most important part is book this hotel prior in advance. Such a unique and mesmerizing experience should never be missed if you’re looking for a memorable journey with the most special person in your life.

You only get to live once… So why not live to the fullest?

You can go for –

  • Ice sculpting,
  • Ice fishing,
  • Snow mobile safari,
  • Moose watching

Paris, France

Though it is widely popular and not unique but no other destination can beat the romance of Paris. This is yet one of the most romantic place in the world. The place itself symbolizes romance with proposal at Eiffel Tower, strolling in the museums with your partner and there are many things that you can enjoy.

Let’s have a look!

Things to do in Paris, France

Let’s check out some points of interest in Paris, France

  • Eiffel tower—no doubt the most romantic place in Paris—go to the top and enjoy the landmarks and the glory of this beautiful city.
  • Musee d’Orsay
  • Seine River and the new bridge on top of it
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Ile de la Cite
  • Montmartre, Paris, France
  • Place des Vosges, Paris, France

And last but not the least several museums and wine tasting is the most surreal experience in Paris.

Malta, Europe

Talking about the romantic places, Malta definitely comes in. Beautiful beaches and sunny weather of this magical island of an archipelago in Meditarrian Sea always attract your attention. Walk with your partner along the streets holding hands and enjoying the charm of this old town full of culture and creativity.

Things to do in Malta

You can completely explore Malta visiting these wonderful spots in just 3 days. 

  • Camino-Blue Lagoon
  • St.Julian's Bay
  • Qawra
  • Mdina & Rabat
  • St.George's Bay
  • Peaceville

Read more about a complete trip itinerary to Malta.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is located in the central part of the famous Island Honshu of Japan. Once it used to be the capital of Japan. It is a romantic, beautiful place known as Lover’s Paradise. Kyoto’s unique Island with natural beauty, the beautiful parks, forests and snow fields during winters is just an apple of eye. Visit any time of the year, you and your partner will surely engross in the beauty of Kyoto.

Things to do in Kyoto, Japan

  • Fushimi Inari-Taisha: a famous Shinto shrine
  • Tofuku-ji: Buddhist temple with alluring garden
  • Gion: the famous entertainment place located in Southern Higashiyama
  • Kinkaju-ji: a famous shrine and temple

Apart from this, you can go shopping, cycling, and a lot of museums.


Being a love bird you must be well aware about the most romantic honeymoon destination “The Maldives”. White sand beaches, private bungalows floating in crystal blue sea, palm trees and you lying freely with your partner.

However, I would recommend you to make the bookings early to pick out an amazing hotel to stay in Maldives wherein you are away from hustle-bustle of people around. There are many adult only overwater bungalows available such as Como Cocoa Island Resort, Komandoo Maldives Island Resort, Anantara Veli Resort and many more. Maldives being popular and beautiful

Things to do in Maldives

Maldives is the most beautiful Island in the world and obviously, the most romantic one too. Apart from relaxing and intimating in the arms of your partner, you can go to visit

  1. Mosques such as Grand Friday Mosque, and Hulhumale Mosque.
  2. Scuba diving
  3. Snorkeling
  4. Submarine Tour
  5. Male Walking tour

Leh, India (Jammu and Kashmir)

Though Jammu and Kashmir is entirely the beauty bone of India. However it is not possible to reach all the places at once. So, it’s time to pick up the best one. I personally recommend Leh as the most beautiful and romantic place in India. It may not be a honeymoon destination for everyone but Leh is the perfect place to experience the crystal clear water, desert, lush green mountains and dark hills all at one. India is famous for its authentic culture and Leh gives you the complete experience of Indian culture.

Things to do in Leh, Jammu and Kashmir

  1. Nubra Valley
  2. Magnetic Hill
  3. Thikse Monastery
  4. Shanti Stupa
  5. Pangong Tso
  6. Hall of Fame

And many more places to visit in Leh.

These are some of the most romantic places on Earth. The world is full of enthralling, beautiful destinations and exploring each place is quite not possible at least in a short duration. So, if you need any more information about any of your dream destination, to go for honeymoon or to arise your love more deeper, feel free to leave a comment and I’d be happy to help.

I always believe:

           "Once a year, go someplace you have never been before"

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Keep Exploring 🙂

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