Heartily Congratulations to ANSHU JAMSENPA- The First Indian Woman to summit the Mount Everest for fourth time.

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Proud Moment for all Indians...

If you are a mountaineer, you must have dreamt at least once about going to the Mount Everest.

ANSHU JAMSENPA (belongs to Arunachal Pradesh, India) is the first Indian woman to climb the mighty Mount Everest four times. Today morning she reached the summit of Mount Everest fourth time.

Moreover, she is also the first woman in the world, as a mother to climb the Mount Everest twice in one season in only 10 days duration.

 It is really a proud moment for all Indians, especially women.  Every day I see an Indian woman doing something incredible, about which even a man would have to think twice.

Perhaps, She could not have been able to achieve this huge success if her family did not support her. 

How would be India if every family in India provided that much of support and motivation to their women be it your wife, mother or daughter?

Ah! I feel goosebumps to even think about that day.

I request to all Indians reading this, “Please… Please wake up, if you have not till now. Free your women, help them, support them, trust their instincts, instead of imposing foundations on them.”

Hats off to you lady many more times. J

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