Are you having a thought “My life is boring!”?

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This time I am not here to share my story.

I have observed a major issue with many people around me. I am sure each one of you will be able to relate it in some or the other way to your life.

People live the same day for years and envy people who are enjoying or more specifically living the real and wonderful life and some are the ones who have not realized yet or I should say they are not ready to come out of their comfort zone. It is very easy and comfortable to wake up every day and get into routines. But it makes you loose excitement in life and so your way of solving an issue or your capabilities to achieve success. Trust me, I was the one among them too. But not anymore.

There is this famous saying by Rebecca West:

“It is the soul's duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must abandon itself to its master passion.”

Don’t envy people instead learn from them.

“Let’s bring some change in life and see if it makes you any happier.”

After all, life is about creating memories and being happy. I am not saying you should leave everything behind and just travel the world or something. But at least you can find some time for your passion for the thing that actually makes you go crazy and forget all the worries of life. Do things that makes your life less ordinary and escape the boredom.

You just need to find out what it is.

Some people do know what actually makes them happy but they are scared to admit it. They are scared of change, scared whether their loved ones, be it friends, family or life partner, will understand it. But there is no harm in trying right? They might not understand at first but when you choose track to your happiness and do the things about which you are passionate about and finally happier than ever before. If they love you truly, no matter what they will try to understand and if you are happy then only you can make others happy. So people don’t be scared. Give it a try, start with some small change in your life which makes you happy and see the consequences. It is not going to harm anybody.

For me, there is always a list to do some different things, one is obviously travelling new places, exploring yummy food and yes always following my heart no matter where it takes my life because that makes me the happiest person.

Okay, let’s consider five things that make you happy right now and write it down or put it in your mind somewhere along with me:

  1. Help someone selflessly.
  2. Going on a trip with my mate or alone.
  3. Spending time with loved ones.
  4. Writing out what I observe.
  5. Watching gossip girl (as of now).

So, what are yours? If you feel comfortable share it with me here. May be it can help you explore yourself.

Also If you wanna go on a trip like I do and don’t have anybody to go with. Join me in… Email me or ping me about the details.

Be happy, keep exploring!! 🙂