Types of relationships you have before getting married

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It is always fascinating to walk down the aisle with the guy of your dreams. But never forget that marriage is a life-long decision. Well! Marriage isn’t easy. In fact, relationships aren’t easy as well.

Here are some type of relationship experiences you must have before you get hitched to someone in your life so that you do not end up falling into a relationship disaster anymore.

 Teenage relationship

The teenage relationship is the most passionate and immature relationship everyone has during his/her adolescence. It is the first relationship that you have. Just because you need a boyfriend or girlfriend to flaunt in front of your friends, you start imagining a person as a perfect fit for you while you are still in the phase of knowing yourself.

This is the relationship that teaches you about your inner self. You learn to share your feelings. You learn about your strengths and weaknesses when you have fights or you achieve success because of your partner’s support. And most of all, you learn to let go the things, which aren’t practically possible in the real world.

Long distance relationship(LDR)

 LDR relationship helps you become strong when you stay far from your partner. You get a chance to avoid any confusion between love and lust. You get to know each other very well when you just have words to explore your relationship.

Trust is never an easy thing but when you stay in an LDR, you’re left with no choice except to trust your partner. You learn to make good financial decisions when you keep saving pennies just to meet your partner once in a while. It brings you both close not physically but emotionally and mentally.

Friends with benefits/Sexual soulmate relationship

Well! This is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. You can name your partner as you like; be it sexual soulmate, fucking buddy or a friend with benefits. In the end, these terms are just fancy words. In reality, you know what that is.

It needs a person to be bold, strong and patient. If you have a friend with benefits, you become audacious. You become comfortable in expressing your desires because you know that your partner won’t judge you on anything. You learn to hold a grip on your jealousy because you’ve set the rules of this relationship, which says satisfied sex endings but you never own the other personally. You’re mentally prepared about them dating other people, which makes you strong. Last but not the least, you always end up having great sex.

Insecure relationship

You have to deal with a lot of fights every day no matter how hard you try to compromise for the relationship. No matter how loyal you are, your partner always feels insecure. They are so indulged into you that they can never expect you to lead an independent life and have your own friends. No matter how hard you try to convince them but these kinds of relationships always come to an end sooner or later.

Well! In such kind of relationship, you develop self-control, great convincing power and handling difficult arguments.

These are the type of relationships which everyone can relate to some extent.

There may be many more types depending on your personal experience. All you need to do is extract learning from these types of relationships to analyze the person you are getting married to.

Well... Well... If you know any more types of relationship in your mind or you have gone through, feel free to comment below.

Till then... Keep Exploring 🙂

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